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Originally Posted by Simonzxc View Post
i though the fish fatter the nicer it is ???
i like fat/stout bodied fishes,but for me generally finnage and body should be balanced
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Originally Posted by v80 View Post
Hi All betta lovers,

I had noticed that every betta that member had posted, received only positive comments. Its good that u all know what is the good points..
But newbie dont learn anything from the sharing here....

very rare that betta or fish is perfect...pls post the faults also if u all spotted it....then we can learned together..

Thank you
Just to bring up this pointer that our MOD V8 had mentioned very clearly. There are many ways that you can fast track and improved your Betta knowledge in the shortest time.

1. Go visit and look at all the Betta competitions and examine the price winning fishes. Under each class look carefully why it was placed 1,2and 3rd.
2. If there is Betta judge seminar, go attend and understand the standards
3. Connect and get to know experienced Betta hobbyist. Talk to them and make friends, learn from each other.
4. Why someone tells you something verify with different sources, google, ask your Betta network of friends, search the past threads. Test it out and see for yourself.
5. Experiment, hands on experience and adopt a learning attitude
6. As V80 had mentioned there is no such thing as a perfect fish there are faults here and there. The winning fish is the one with the least faults. You got to know what are the major and minor faults so that when you choose your next Betta you know exactly which is the best to buy.
7. Choosing a quality Betta is not the end, you need to master the water management well and get the best nutrition food for your Betta in the best safest way. Grooming your prized Betta is an art too as it will bring out the best of your Betta. Money can buy you the best quality Betta but if you can't maintain and groom your Betta you are wasting your $$$
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