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Who are we?

Arofanatics.com is home to a community of ornamental fish hobbyists since August 2000. We are a group of fishkeepers who are fascinated with the hobby that emcompasses the balance of rearing livestock, creating the ideal environment and growing up together with our aquatic pets.

The word "Arofanatics" is a fusion of both "Arowana" and "Fanatics". Due to the lack of detailed information on the species of fish called the Arowana - also commonly known as Dragonfish, an internet-based forum and a gallery was set up to facilitate the discussion and appreciation of this endangered species in year 2000.

We have evolved over the years to not just solely focus on Arowanas - we have progressively added many other ornamental fishes in our community discussions, with a great team of moderators who are capable in their own specialities, and more importantly, decision makers who are able to guide the community in the right direction.

The broad scope of species that we have come to cover has also helped Arofanatics.com to compliment several aquatic sites on the web. This includes and exclusive partnership with WaterWolves.com, affiliations with Guppy Club Singapore & Petfrd.com.

We are currently reaching out to visitors from 130 over countries including Singapore, United States, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, United Kingdom, Canada, Thailand and China.

A brief note about Asian Arowanas

In various parts of Asia, especially the south-eastern countries, Arowanas have always been kept - often solitarily in their own tanks partly due to their large size (approximately 2 feet). The beginner fishkeeper would be daunted by the large tanks that are uncommon for the casual hobbyist. However, due to increasing knowledge and understanding of the species, the demographics of ownership has shifted, thanks to the advancement of the World Wide Web that has brought ease of delivering information.

Today, there are more varieties and exotic farms to choose from. Arowanas account for the largest dollar turnover of exports for many South East Asian countries that captive-breed Arowanas and all these translate to better accessibility and choices for the common hobbyists.

Due to the CITES classification of Asian Arowanas (Scleropages genus) as an "Endangered Species" under the International Appendix I list since 1995. They are still not legally available in various countries, including the United States.

Most asian arowanas sold legally are tagged with radio frequency (RF) microtags that contain a microchip number and an accompanying certification provided by the breeding farms or importers. The microtags are usually inserted at the shoulder region of the arowana when it is about 5-6 inches in length or larger. The microtags can be verified by scanning the fish with a microtag scanner.

This is necessary to keep track of the production and population of asian arowanas to ensure that only arowanas that are captive bred in CITES-registered farms are sold.