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Thanks Elimmel.

To reduce algae, make sure plants get all they need for healthy growth. What's needed depends on how much light they are getting.

Second are algae eaters. Two types needed: the nibblers and the scrapers. I use SAE for nibblers. Many people say they get fat, lazy and stop eating algae, but mine don't get fed in my tank, etc crumbs from the big guy's meals. So they have no choice but continue to work hard and graze on algae.

For scrapers, I use snails. Freshwater abalone (Septaria porcellana) specifically as they are flat and very hard to remove once alarmed. As soon as they are touched, they lockdown and can't be moved or picked up. But they only clean hard surfaces, not leaves.

I've had green water, hair algae and BGA before, but all solved with treatment, cleaning and water change.

Only Green dust algae (the green stuff that grows like a dusty coast on glass and hard surfaces) can't be solved. No solutions found (not even the known overseas gurus) except weekly cleaning and algae eaters. But seems related to Nitrate levels. When my nitrate drop to zero due to planting Ah Pek Plant, GDA was almost zero.

Other then that episode with APP, my tank is always has high NO3, so no choice, I have to go high light with lots of plants to suck it all up. Due to bad experience with fish death from big water change, and also to conserve water, I only change 20% weekly.

BBA is usually due to insufficient CO2.

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