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Default Freshwater Algae

Freshwater Algae

Most hobbyists are bound to find their aquarium tank with some kind of algae. Have you ever-wonder how and what it can do to your fishes and plants? Below are some “popular” algae that may interest you in fish keeping. I also touch on what counter measure to rectify them according to their individual characteristics. Here we go:

Film or Hair Algae

These algae often grow and form on glass, plants and rocks in the aquarium tank. Usually the availability of lights e.g. sunlight and over dosage of liquid plant fertilizers “high” in iron and phosphates would cause their growth.

Counter measure:
The complete stoppage of fertilizers to stop the growth or you may add potassium for the plants to “eat” the phosphates faster. If not a planted tank, a simple wipe will do.

Green Algae

These algae often reproduce so fast that the water turns green in the aquarium tank. It is due to the high availability of lights, such as direct sunlight will cause this algae bloom. They grow almost everywhere, like on glass, rocks, substrate, filters etc. Sometimes they can be found in growing plants too.

Counter measure:
Get a Pleco, Fei Feng, Black mollies, Siamese Algae Easter or any other algae eating fish will help. Installing UV sterilizers can bring the “algae bloom” under control too.

Brown Algae

These algae often grow and form on gravels and plants in the aquarium tank, usually in the form of brown sludge or brown clumpy patches on the plants or gravel. Excessive silicates and the lack of light would induce this form of algae to grow.

Counter measure:
Siphoning the gravel and wiping will do. An alternative would be for those hobbyists who likes plant, introduce a lot of fast growing plants to compete with the algae for the nutrients in the tank.

Brush or Red Brush Algae

These algae often grow on slow growing plants in the aquarium tank. (Example, like Anubias, Echinodorus and some other wide leaf plants. High PH is also one of the contributors here.

Counter measure:
Siamese Algae Eaters will be a good cleaner for this algae. A more powerful measure is soaking the plants with copper, which is regarded as “drastic measure”.

Blue-green Algae

This algae often grows very fast in the presence of poor water quality, and it grows over everything (almost!) Surprisingly this kind of algae can also grow or be found in low nitrates freshwater tanks. Like most other kinds of algae, its favorite spots are glass tank walls and gravel.

Counter measure:
Temporary measure like physical wiping is applicable but for long-term, treatment with erythromycin is recommended here but do monitor the ammonia and nitrite, as it will have adverse effects on the biological filter.

Hope the above will help you in one way or the other in preventive and counter measure of algae. Happy fish keeping!
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