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Default JZX - FEB 2014 - New Arrival / Updates

JZX February 2014 Stocklist Updates:

H&K Wild Discus:
Paunini Blue face heckels
Cuipeua Red Discus
Curuai Semi Royal Discus XLG
Curuai Royal Discus XLG



Corydoras Eques **NEW!**
Corydoras Burgessi **NEW!**
Corydoras Weizmann *NEW!**
Corydoras Robustus (XXL)
Corydoras Narcissus (XXL)
Corydoras Agassizzi
Corydoras "Super Pulcher"
Corydoras Melanotaenia *NEW!**
Corydoras Melini **NEW!**
Corydoras Concolour *NEW!**
Corydoras Arcuatus
Corydoras Robustus "Peru"
Corydoras CW75
Corydoras Habrosus
Corydoras Pygmeaus

Aspidoras Pauciradiatus **RARE**

L24 (5")
L24 (9-10")
L25 (5")
L27 "XINGU" (4-5")
L27c gold line "Araguaia" (8-9")
L27 gold line thunder "Tele Pires" (8-9")
L52 (2-3")
L66 (3-4")
L75 (4")**NEW!**
L96 (3-4")
L121 (3")
L128 (3-4")**NEW!**
L160 (6-7")
L160 (9-10")
L160 (11-12")
L172 (5")
L177 (3.5")
L187b (2.5")
L190 (2")
L190 (5")**NEW!**
L239 (3")**NEW!**
L200 "High Fin" (2") **Very nice****NEW!**
L200 "High Fin" (4") **Very nice****NEW!**
L201 (2.5-3")**NEW!**
L240 (3.5-4")**NEW!**
Adonis (7-8")
German Red Ancistrus (1.5")

Dwarf Cichlids / Apistogrammas:

Dicrossus Filamentosus **NEW!**

Apistogramma Elizabethae "Red Belly" "German Bred"


Crenicichla sp. Atabapo Red (7-8")
Crenicichla sp. "fire spots" (6-7")
Crenicichla Regani "Rio Orinoco"
Crenicichla Regani "Rio Tapajos"

Gymogeophagus Caaguazensis (3")
Geophagus Winemilleri (3")
Geophagus "Tapajos" Red head (3")
Retroculus Lapidifer (2.5-3")
Satanoperca Acuticeps (3-4")


Long-fin Platinum Angel


Barbus Jae
Exodon Paradoxus "Bucktooth Tetra"
Hyphessbrycon Pyrrhonotus "Flame Back Bleeding Heart Tetra"
Hyphessbrycon Sweglesi "Red Phantom Tetra"
Hyphessbrycon Heliacus "Kitty Tetra" **NEW!**
Roeboides Descalvadensis "Scale -eating Characin" **NEW!**

Nannostomus Unifasciatus
Nannostomus Marilynae **NEW!**

Puntius Densonii "Red Line Torpedo Barb"


Polypterus Bichir Bichir (16-21")
Polypterus Congicus (12-14")
Polypterus Endlicheri "Faranah" (22")
Polypterus sp Dabola "Faranah" (22")
Polypterus Teugelsi (23")
Polypterus Weeksi (5")


Irwini Catfish (4-5")
Synodontis Clarias(3")**NEW!**
Synodontis Pardalis (6-7)
Pimelodus Blochii (3")
Pimelodus Pictus (3")


Hoplias Curupira (12-14")**NEW!**
Black Arowana (3")**NEW!**
GATF (4")**NEW!**
African Pike (6")
Boulengerella Lateristriga (5")**NEW!**
Albino Knife Fish (6")
Channa "Platinum"
IT (4")
IT (12-13")


Potamotrygon Hystrix (6")
Jin Zhong Xiu Trading (JZX)
BLK 711 Ang Mo Kio Central 2 #01-3501F, S560711
Tel: 6455 5675 HP: 90407842
Opening Hours: 1pm - 9pm daily
Closed every Wednesday

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