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Default Automatic Water Change System (AWCS)

Hi All,
Tired of water change?
I have an Automatic Water Change System (AWCS) which I developed to offer. This system performs daily water change, water top up, anti-chlorine dosing to keep your fish tank water in healthy condition.
Daily water change amount is adjustable from 1L to 500L++, depends on your setup.
Whole system operates on DC12V, safe and easy to use.
Specially useful for fishes which need large amount of water change like aros, rays, monster fishes, goldfish, koi, ranchus...

some of parts of the AWCS.

pm for more pic and video.

This system consists of :-
1) Flexi-overflow: Adjustable overflow setup, no drilling on tank needed.
2) Precision Dosing Pump: Adjustable dosage from 3drops / 0.2ml to 5ml+.
Small amount water change. Eg: Seachem Prime 10ml treats 400L tap
so this dosing pump can dose from 0.2ml to treat 8L tap water top up.
3) Customized wireless controller with apps.
4) 12V power supply, valves, pumps, piping.

AWCS operations: (Initial setup - fill and age water in reservoir tank.)
Step1: Top up aged water to fish tank (adjustable top up water volume). Excess water from fish tank will be drained from the flexi-overflow setup.
Step2: Water top up to reservoir tank (auto stop, adjustable top up water volume)
Step3: auto dose anti-chlorine ( adjustable dosage from 3drops / 0.3ml to 10ml)
Step4: Over night water aging.
Step5: Auto repeat to step next day.

Example1 - Daily 10%~30% water change:
8am-810am : Top up aged water from reservoir tank to fish tank.
9am-930am : Top up reservoir tank, with auto stopper + auto dose anti-chlorine.
930am-8am : Over night water aging with air stone.
Water change cycle repeats next day 8am...

Example2 - Daily 10%~20% water change RO/DI water direct top up :
8am-10am : Direct top up RO/DI water to fish tank using dripping method.
10am : auto dose minerals for RO/DI.
Water change cycle repeats next day 8am...

Note: user to self-provide tap water inlet and drainage, air pump, air stone.

AWCS able to customize for different tanks/racks/pond set up.

1) Complete AWCS system with delivery + installation for your fish tank - $380.
2) Complete AWCS system + LED light control can be made.
3) Larger and complex setup like fish shop, pond, fish racks, vivarium, irrigation, new ideas and suggestions are welcome.
4) On-site discussion/Demo session for 1hour-$30, 2hours-$50, delivery $10-20.
5) Accessories: Auto-feeder $15, pvc piping joins, valves, SS hose clamps... $0.30 - $2.5 each (MOQ $10), self collect only.

All enquiries are welcome, please pm/WA to discuss.
6months warranty.
Deposit needed to confirm order.
Lead time 2-6weeks, depends on parts availability.

Thank you!
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