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Originally Posted by HK77 View Post
HI All,
I know that the above 2 aro pictures are "Mahato Golden F4" from "PT. Silva Dena Aquamina (Indonesia)". I've also bought a Mahato Golden F4 from that farm but it's now only 4" and I can't see that golden scales and the tail is also only reddish hue. The scales are just some golden shade. Is it normal for that size? I'm afraid my fish won't finish up like the ones in the above pictures.

4 inch is still very young... wait till ard 8inch and u likely to see the difference..
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Originally Posted by gtohow View Post
Length: 5ft possible

i think u missed out a 1 before the 5.

5ft is definitely still a juvenile. these guys r capable of reaching 12-15ft in the wild.

but due to hunting as food by natives in amazon now its not easy to find one that is at least 6-8ft long. not to mention 12-15ft.

btw arapaimas r under the same family of boney tongue as aros but i dont think they r considered as aros. their common name is actually pirarucu.

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Pics are all gone...shall I delete this thread?
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Pic suddenly back! Luckily Mod spakase have not delete it, very good info for newbies...
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Great, the pics are back.

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