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i agree...

pls read up on tank cycling and the nitrogen cycle before you kill anymore fishes..

plus it will save u from buying unnecessary stuff and taking advise from petshop owners who probably think about money first.

water maybe clean because its new.. but fish like all animals produce waste. this waste contribute to the ammonia..

now i think u shld just let the process run its course. let all the bacteria settle till its ready to sustain ur fishes..

pls pls do read up beforehand. it will save u the money and heartache

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Thank you so much guys for taking the time to reply. Day 5 and the 5 small fish survived yet another day. Water is still cloudy. Will wait a couple more days to see if ammonia level drops. Thanks so much for all your valuable advise! I never thought that keeping goldfish in a new aquarium can be complicated. But so far, me and my 3-year old are enjoying this new hobby.
I will update here again when there are any changes.
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my suggestion if you are serious into keeping fish as a hobby, then you need to invest on a bigger tank and proper filtration to able to take the bioload of the goldfish. Weekly maintenance is a must as well. Keep fish is easy but keeping fish alive is a tough job somehow.
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gold fish, new tank setup

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