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Originally Posted by Sinubux View Post
Tank Setup 3:
Dimension: Standard 2 feet tank
Filtration: Nothing
Stimulant: Nothing

This setup is quite commonly found in fish farms where instead of tanks, they may utilize concrete ponds or whatsoever. The key point for this setup to be successful lies in ones patience. Firstly setup a tank filled with tap water and then add some water conditioner to help get rid of all the harmful chlorine and chloramine. After 3 days or best 4 later (dont worry, no mosquitoes eggs will be laid), like what I mentioned in tank setup 1, you can introduce some daphnia or if not, put a tiny piece of non fat meat into the tank. The size of this meat can be like this [ ]. Let the tank matures further until you can slowly see that piece of meat begins to disintegrate. Once the meat is gone with takes a total of 4 days depending on the location of your tank. The warmer the tank is, the faster will be the bacteria colonization. I dont have scientific proof as to why but this is what I have been experiencing with my outdoor tanks versus my indoor ones. Now time to introduce fishes into your tank. Do take note that when you introduce your fishes into this tank, you must be very disciplined in terms of the amount to feed and the frequency. Start with small meals first. I know, you may feel heart pain that the fishes might not have enough but I am telling you, it pays to be the devil for about a week. Cause during this time, a slight overfeeding will foul the water quick and that you may have a hard time savaging the fishes once the tank parameters go haywire. This setup is very well used by seasoned guppy players. This is just an assumption on my part and I may be wrong. So do not take it as any form of offence.

then if we put daphnia inside how do we know whether its is ready for fishes?
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