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Yup performance was subdued 1st half. Second half was more lively and last 10 minutes things moved well but we left it a bit late.
Still sore about the goal against us, clear foul in build up to goal.
More sore about not hitting magical 18.
Hope team takes stock and come back much stronger !

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Originally Posted by elimmel View Post
Martin Atkinson always seem to give us grief whenever he ref our games.
Foul on Origi not given as well as quite a few other tackles by Man U as well.
That said, our performance was lackluster to say the least. First half was awful.
Hope this is the wake up call and we go on another winning run.
this has been one of the most biased display of refereeing I have seen in so many years. our players have been very passive in their challenges and we were penalized for 14 fouls and 1 yellow card, whilst the Man U players were overly aggressive and committed tactical fouls but they were only penalized for 2 fouls and no yellow cards?
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Ref aside, the VAR is losing credibility every weekend.
The ref body keeps hiding behind the high bar BS.
If VAR is not there to correct refereeing mistakes, then why have it?
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