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nathan tan
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Default Questions on Crab Tank Maintainence

Hey Bros, I have a question to ask. How do you guys maintain your crab tank when 2/3 of it is land (sand,gravel,soil etc)?

The tank smells bad easily even with little feeding and with no rotting food present and i reckon you have to wash the tank once every week or so. If a filter can somehow be integrated into the tank, i think the tank will last longer each time after cleaning. So what do you guys do?

Thanks in advance~!

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a filter always makes it easier to keep the water clean. or else use an air tube to siphon all the water out. or just just water trays or even ice cream boxes for the larger crabs.
if u give more info about ur crabs & pictures of ur tank, I'm sure people can really help u.
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I keep the land part dry using eggcrate as a false bottom above the water level. Upon the eggcrate I spread some charcoal (those people use for orchids) before topping off with sand/gravel so they can burrow and hide. Also have a pump that moves the water round so theres no dead spot, so the water gets drawn up to a few areas on the land, and it flows through the gravel and drip through the false bottom. Also have a internal filter in there so water quality don't turn bad as fast. I change the water once a month and don't usually detect much smell. The charcoal and drainage of water through the false bottom helps prevent that.
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just a plate of water in the will make do, no need for underground filter unless u are creating a vivatarium ..
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