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Question advise needed for 3ft tank with cichlids & silver dollars

hi all,

need some advise here. is it necessary to add anti-chlorine for a tank with cichlids and silver dollars + some other smaller fishes? i have a 3ft tank with these 2 types of fishes and so far for the past 1-2 years they are doing fine w/o the anti-chlorine and both SDs and cichlids have spawned without adding salt, anti-chlorine etc - i basically use just tap water and some coral chips.

heard from some people that anti-chlorine should be added? is it really necessary?

thanks in advance
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You've been doing that for so long, and your fishes are healthy.

Don't fix it if its not broken.
You have your own routine, stick to it.
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hope nothing will go wrong. e concern came up cos just a week ago I shifted them all from a 2ft tank to a 3ft. wondering will that affect e water dynamics since more water is needed for 3ft.. now they don't really look friendly. they hide alot behind e filter quite abit. hope they settle down soon
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anti-chlorine, cichlids, silver dollars, spawn

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