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Default List of guppy breeders

Hi all, i was thinking why not we compile a list of breeders so makes it easier for people like me who have intentions of visiting breeders perhaps around my own area?i believe it is helpful for everyone to share this interest and knowledge, to buy?sell etc.
with just the nickname and the location for privacy's sake unless you want to reveal it, if interested

Lets start with this and forward this for eg:

1) TSK (Ang Mo Kio): moscow black, grass, german tux ,rrea moscow white, AFR
2) R_F: moscow blue, moscow black, albino full red, grass, panda, magenta ribbon fin
3) Jest1081: Full Red, Moscows, HB Yellow
4) blauangel: pingu, moscow dark blue, japan-blue variegated and mix.
5) chong99: Grass
6) Devower (Woodlands): RREA Full Red
7) Mr.Q (Woodlands): AFR, Moscow black
8) asulah : swallow type, see thru type, crown tail type
9) Sgguppylover (Ang Mo Kio): Albino Full Red
10) weby: Tiger Endler, Albino Full Red and Blue Grass

1) 5050 Chiu: grass, half black, moscow Black and others
2) Spikey: red lace snakeskin, blue grass
3) Yaiksin: full red

1) IrcKnight: Albino full red, Glass belly Redlace, Albino Golden Yellow Tuxedo
2) Taizi: platinum white, albino full red, moscow black, red and blue grass
3) Lawrence Loh: full red
4) fireblade: moscow blue, half black
5) wilsonguppy: Albino full red, and Albino moscow
6) red atom: Red Lace, Moscow Red, Blue Grass, Metal Yellow Lace

1) Trevally: albino full red, full red
2) wonderlovers: HB, full red
3) kaner: Blue Grass and swallows, Pastel and White Tuxedo (Half Black)
4) kee huat: grass, full red,
5) Royston: Wan Tho Ave Panda
6) angelo: Panda, Albino/blonde Full Red, Pastel/Yellow/White/Blue/albino Tuxedo(Half Black), Blue/Red/Purple Grass, Wild/Albino/Red Lace, Glass Belly Red Lace, High Dorsal Yellow Snake Skin, Blue Moscow
7) GupFan: half black red, albino gold yellow tux, dunkel red, red lace snakeskin

1) LTQ: Red lace

South America (Brazil):
1) Michel Bruno: AFR, gray full red, albino redlace, redlace, galaxy blue, hb neon blue, yellow lace, medusa, metal redlace, lutino metal redlace, mosaic cobra.

Area Unknown Yet :
1) wimbellis: endler
2) bbpippen: full red
3) qianjun : moscow black
4) ice/fire: moscow black, magenta

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