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Default PNT Shrine

Part 1: Choosing a PNT
1. How to Choose a healthy PNT
Getting a healthy pnt is any hobbyist wld wish to do, however what are the things that one should look out for?
A) The surrounding environment:
The surrounding environment plays an important aspect in ensuring a pnt is in good health. Try to avoid pnts tad are found in dirty tanks such as tanks with dead fish in it, that there are sick pnts around. Reason is very simple, the pnt that you want could well be infected with diseases but it just haven't surface. So look for pnt that are livin in good tank condition and its other tank mate are healthy looking and lively. (i noe its quite diff due to many lfs standard in keepin pnt but just tried to find one tad is in a not so dirty environment)
B) The Overall
Ok now in selecting a pnt. Once u see a pnt you like, look at its overall behaviour in the tank. Try choosing one that is lively and swimming around, that is usually a sign of good health. Check to see if all its flippers is moving in a nioce coordination and not limpin action. Oso see whether the pnt have prb sinkin into the water. avoid pnt tad floats near the surface of the water all the time, it cld have some internal problem. Basically go for one tad can swim beautifully ard the tank down and up without any prb. After this simple observation, pick up the pnt above the water. You cld do it 2 ways one is to hold onto the side of the shell and the other is to put your whole palm underneath the pnt. I would recommend both coz each got a diff purpose. I shall go into holding the pnt on the side of the shell first. Just hold it above the water, a lively/healthy pnt will struggle all its flippers and try to escape from you whereas pnt that are not feeling well will jus dip down all its 4 flippers. do note sumtime pnt will stop movin oso due to the fact that it is scared and not sick but most of the time when a healthy pnt is scared it will struggle like mad to get rid of your holding. Up till this point, one can only be sure tad the pnt choosen is a lively one however whether it is healthy muz be determine further.
C) The eyes
Ok next come the 2nd way of holding pnt - the palm under the shell. this way of holding the pnt is to lessen its fear thus wun't be struggling tad much and u can better observe it. cup ur other free hand over the top shell to prevent the pnt frm any further strugglin. when checking the eyes, make sure it is not cloudy and free frm any foreign object. avoid pnt with teary and cloudy eyes.
B) The nostrils
Check that the nostrils is clear of foreign objects and there shld't be slime or runnin nose signs from the nostrils.
C) The mouth
Either in water or out of water, Pnt mouth normally shld be close (except when it comes to eating and bitin at others tankmates ) If you observe the pnt is gasping for air avoid choosin such pnt oso.
D) The Shell
The top shell shld be in a nice dome shape and shld't be straight out at the side. if it is den this cld be sign of an upturn shell. Check for any signs of cracks, dents, or foreign objects on the shell, you cld do this by runnin ur finger smoothly over the shell. Cracks, dents and foreign objects on the shell are signs tad the pnt cld have been injured b4 or have some fungus before.
Do this for the bottom carapace oso.
E) The flippers
Feel the flippers to check for signs of broken bones, feel it dont pull the flippers. it is just like feelin ur ger fren finger go gently. there shldn't be any jottin feelin on the feelin meanin there cld be signs that the bones in the flippers have broken b4.
G) The tail
Just like any other part of the pnt, look for the anus and c if got any strange object or whether it is protruding. Avoid such pnt oso.
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