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Originally Posted by shiokmc
totally agree w points 1--3 ...and 6
but for point 4... please NOTE that its not the MAJORITY of 'mutated' or 'patterned' Tigers that are susceptible to SuddenDeath Syndromes.... might just be coincidental.... because ANY kind of tiger can have 101Factors that led to such 'sudden-deaths'

as for point 5, well...from a hobbyist point of view, rather subjective. As long as you like the tiGer and have the money and willing to pay --BUY it... does not really matter what kind of tiger it might be

BroJebus, im not arguing with your statements ...just expressing a tiger-lover's n hobbyist's opinion
Will tend to agree with you about pt 4 as it is more of a concidence that trend that forkies and whatever has a higher probability of SDS. This can only be a fact if we have a bigger sample base and all the bros who purchased the MTs saw a high mortality rate in 'different' patterned MTs. Personal experience so far is 3 MTs, all irregular patterns and only once succumbed to white spot and shock from wc whilst the other 2 is about 2.5''+ now.
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