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Default AGM Meeting (8th July 2012) - Minutes

Arofanatics Club Singapore
Annual General Meeting

1. Alvin Koh (Treasurer)
2. John Tan - jwhtan (President)
3. Steven - D24
4. Dave - Dave57
5. Kwek - Kspkcm
6. Dave - Dave6238
7. Jone - zon
8. Jeff - Jeff1980
9. pearl1982
10. Ong - Ong88
11. angelo
12. cher boon
13. Edmund - edmundo
14. Stanley Tan - cavallino (Secretary)
15. Bonafido
16. CrazyFish
17. EH
18. arocomm
19. Arohong


Expected attendance: 30
Attendance: 21
Minutes taken by Alvin Koh

As the minimum attendence required for the AGM was not met by 2pm, the meeting started at 2:30pm.

John started the meeting at 2:30pm.
John explained that the Arowana industry was not doing well,
one of the farm owners even mentioned that arowana rearing was not commercially viable.

There are not many activities going on as well - as we have had many harvesting trips, and members are getting less interested as the activities are very similar to most other recent club activities.

John extended the question to the club - what activities they would like to have for the upcoming year.
SDF farm trip was one of the main events organised in 2012. There was also a durian trip which was spear-headed but the response ended up being dismal and John ended up paying for the trip.

Consolidating funds for AF Carnival. Ideas such as talks.

One member suggested a short trip overseas to Malaysia / Indonesia.

EH suggested to visit during Arowana competition in Indonesia.
John said, the club can do it and the club will find the cost and also to gauge the response.

John asked if anyone will be interested in a trip to Kalimantan (Indonesia).
Alvin / Steven mentioned the cost was approximately $2000 from a previous trip they made in early year 2000.

Dave mentioned a return trip including accomodation to Jakarta could cost $400-500 via budget flight. The pet show in Indonesia will be held end November 2012. The show is very diversified showing all sort of fishes / reptiles and should be eye opening for members. Dave shared that the flights should be booked early to enjoy lower rates.

John also asked for suggestions for local activities.

China has 2 competitions that could be worth looking at but members will try to ask around their contacts to get more details of these events.

$2000 was agreed to be quite expensive for a farm trip.
Chairman explained that going to Kalimantan is quite different to going to a captive breeding farm.
Ong mentioned that costs of flights could have come down due to budget airlines and a quick check to the budget airline yielded costs of under $100 for a return flight to Kalimantan.

Ong88 asked whether it was possible for members to collaborate in proxy farming. Chairman mentioned that due to the inherent commercial nature of farming, there will always be disagreements due to vested interested and he would rather the club not go into that.

The president presented the balance sheet. The balance carried forward was $9463.74.
There were 16 new ordinary members as well as 61 membership renewals.
Associate members (farm) 2 new and 9 renewals.
Associate members (others) 13 new members and 13 renewals.

$21,900.00 incoming revenue beings the total balance to approximately $30,207.14.
Only expenses incurred for the year were for the Singapore Dragon Fish Farm visit & AFC AGM.

Due to contribution and thus nett loss of expenses due to AF carnival in 2011. There was no tax for the year 2011.

John asked for nominations of members to be office bearers. John explained the activities of committee members, which includes the administrative aspects like book keeping. Member CrazyFish asked if there were monthly meetings and such and John explained that as most of the activities were adhoc.

All existing committee members were agreeable to continuing the new term. Dave as volunteers as a committee member.
John has agreed to continue the term as the President. Stanley has agreed to uptake the position of Treasurer. Alvin Koh has agreed to take the new term as the Secretary. Nelson (Rambo) has declined to continue as a committee member.

Regarding AF Carnival, John gave an overview of the cost of organising. The event costs last year came up to approxiately $80,000 - Of which $54,000 came from sponsorship monies. Due to the AF carnival 2012 coinciding with the chinese 'Hungry Ghost' festival, there will be a premium for the tentage required for the event. Some other costs such as tanks, stands could be re-used from previous years.

In terms of sponsorship, the current standing is only $5,000 from an existing Associate Member (farm). John mentioned that the estimated budget for AF Carnival 2012 will also be estimated similarly at $80,000.

The meeting concluded at 3:10pm
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