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Default Buying Plecos back from Overseas

Originally posted in PCS:

Sharing my experience (both Taiwan and HK) as I do see questions on this topic...

Recently traveled to HK and managed to ship back two pseudas 8" and 6".

Checking with AVA website, for Non-CITES fish, no permits required for
up to 30 pieces of ornamental fish in 3litres of water per person...

Flew via Singapore Airlines, SQ. The process might be different or not allowed in some other airlines, so please check.

Before going, go to their FB websites to see what is available, or by luck what is in store during your travel. I have great personal experience dealing with these two stores. The Bosses are friendly and very helpful. Also their packing is very reliable.

1. Four Seasons Aquarium (FSA) (Hong Kong)
2. 水世界 (Taiwan)

other members who have other experience with foreign fish shops kindly add on. (FFS as opposed to LFS)

The packing can lasts for 48 hours so there is flexibility. I picked up my two bags from FSA 9pm the night before I flew home.

The two bags comfortably fit into my checking luggage.

My flight was about 4pm the next day. At the SQ counter, just check in like normal luggage.

I reached home in Singapore after 10pm so the fish were in the bags for 24 hours.

The bags are still air tight when home. Luggage still dry, no leakage.

However water temperature in the bags were very cold, I did not measure but guessed it was below 20 degrees Celsius.

Started the slow process of titration for pH and temperature equalization...took almost 45 mins.

The whole experience was fun and stress free. While we can find most species in Singapore, sometimes the uncommon ones are harder to track down. Combining a trip overseas with plecos shopping could be exciting too.

I bagged a big L79 and L320 which I do not commonly find in Singapore.

Hope you find this useful.
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Thanks for sharing

How long did the acclimatization take and were there any signs of distress when they were released into the tank ? Please advice
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30 to 45 mins.

Nope. Happily went hiding.
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Young Man
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WA ups for your passion to go all the way overseas still hunting for fishes.
would be able to show some pics of how they pack the plecos? looks good to prevent them poking the bags.
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Thumbs up

Very good information for others to try their hunting overseas.
Thanks TS
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Old 16-12-2015, 04:16 PM   #6
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Any pic of the plecos in their tank?
Life is full of empty promises and broken dreams
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Default L79

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In June I wanted to bring discus back from HK and called SQ hotline in HK and the customer service said SQ doesn't allow live fish on board despite I tried explaining to her that our AVA does allow. In the end didn't want to take the risk and didn't bring the discus back.

Next time I just keep quiet and put fishes in luggage since it has proven that bros here could bring fishes back via SQ.
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I managed to bring back a couple of crayfish from Taiwan a few days back. Took Eva air, just put into check-in luggage and bring back. Nothing happened, the luggage some more got pass through the X ray machine after we checked in.
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No need to declare, make sure the fish is not illegal, check CITES list.
Just take note.
It must be check in luggage.
Not Hand Carried.
Preferably packed in insulated containers such as Styrofoam box or cooler box so that temperature is maintained.
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