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Default JZX - Oct 2013 - New Arrival/Updates

Join us on FaceBook for faster update of new arrival/promotions.! :

Stocklist Updates:

Wild Discus:
Nhamunda Red/Semi royal (LG)[/B]

Nhamunda Blue Heckels ML/LG


Bagarius Yarelli "India" (9-10cm) *NEW!*
Synodontis pardalis (13-14cm)
Irwini Catfish (3-4")
Platystacus cotylephorus "eel tail banjo cat" (6-7") *NEW!*
Pictus catfish *NEW!*

Corydoras "WILD":

Corydoras Evelynae *Rare*
Corydoras Long nose Evelynae *Super Rare*
Corydoras "Super Pulcher" *NEW!*
Corydoras Narcissus XXL *NEW!*
Corydoras Robustus XXL *NEW!*
Corydoras "green laser" XL size
Corydoras "gold laser"
Corydoras "orange laser"
Corydoras cf Narcissus
Corydoras Loretoensis
Corydoras Lepoardus
Corydoras Reticulatus
Corydoras Agassizii
Corydoras oiapoquensis (3-4cm)
Corydoras Concolor (2-3cm)
Aspidoras sp. ''ARAGUAIA''
Corydoras Napoensis (M)
Corydoras Metae (XL)
Corydoras Armatus C96
Corydoras CW75 (L)


Polypterus Endlicheri (3-4")
Polypterus Bichir Bichir (16-19")
Polypterus Bichir Bichir (20-21")
Polypterus Bichir Bichir (22-24")
Polypterus Mokelembembe (4-5")


Teacup Stingray (4") *NEW!*

Tetras "Wild":

Exodon Paradoxus "Bucktooth Tetra" *NEW!*
Hemigrammus sp. Boquerón "orange tetra"
Hyphessbrycon Robustulus "Rare"
Aphyocharax erythrurus "Flame Tail Tetra"
Hyphessobryson sweglesi *NEW!*


Altum Angel (0.75-1") - 5 for $75, 10 for $140*NEW!*

P.Scalare "Brazil" wild (XLG)
P.scalare "Amapa" (ML)


Microgeophagus Ramirezi "Wild Ram" (4cm) *NEW!*
Heros Severum "Wild" Green/blue (4")
Crenicichla sp "Fire Spots" (5")


Satanoperca Acuticeps (3")



L02 (10cm)
L18 (4-5"")
L24 ""Tocantins" (5-6")
L24 "Tocantins" (7-8")
L24 "Tocantins" (9-11")
L24 "Super Red" (28cm)
L24 "Super red" (10-11")
L24 "Super red" (13-15")
L25 "Sao Felix" (11-12") *NEW!*
L027 "Tocantins" (10-11")
L27 "Tapajos" Goldline thunder (4-5")
L27 "Tapajos" Goldline thunder (8-10")
L52 (2.5-3")
L66 (8-9cm)
L75 (4")*NEW!*
L134 (5-6cm)*NEW!*
L137 (3")
L137 (5")*NEW!*
L121 Peckoltia braueri "Worm line peckoltia" (3")
L160 (6-7")
L160 (11-12")
L160 (13-14")
L190 (2")
L191 (2")
L239 (2.5")*NEW!*
L262 "Spotted Queen Arabesques"(9-10cm)
L273 (10-11cm)
L333 "F1" (4cm)
L600 (4-5")
L600 (7")
LDA33 (3-3.5")*NEW!*
Adonis (15cm)
Albino Adonis (3-4")

Planiloricaria cryptodon


Hoplias sp. "Tocantins" (5-6") *NEW!*
Albino knifefish (3-4")
IT (4-5")
NGT (2")
Acnodon normani "Sheep Pacu" (8-14cm)
NGT (2-2.5")
Channa Pleuro (9-10")

We now accept VISA and MASTERCARD.
There is also an interest-free Credit card installment plan(6 or 12 months) for OCBC cardholders.
Jin Zhong Xiu Trading (JZX)
BLK 711 Ang Mo Kio Central 2 #01-3501F, S560711
Tel: 6455 5675 HP: 90407842
Opening Hours: 1pm - 9pm daily
Closed every Wednesday

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