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Default ferts for shrimp tank

Hi all, was an active shrimp hobbyist but stopped due to a disaster which was kinda traumatizing *read the sticky with my nick*

lost touch with the recent developments of shrimp keeping, stopped at the assassin snail craze which solve many bro's snail problems..

so now that i am restarting my hobby, got a few Qs to ask bros here, any one of you tried ferts that are safe for shrimp tank? cos last time my sakuras are flourishing, but my plants are dying and i am constantly replacing them with new ones frm LFS, which kinda led to the disaster..
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What type of plant?

Some plants sold in LFS are known not to do well emerged in water for long time.
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I use Borneo Wild Lush. As the product recommends, I have low-maintenance plants such as moss and ferns in my tanks. On both CRS and FR tanks, I don't see any adverse effects on the shrimps.
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I find that the usage of ferns and mosses are a much better substitute than using aquatic plants which requires ferts. The lower maintenance plants includes, java moss, marimo balls, java ferns, christmas moss and star moss all of which I am using in my shrimp/comm tank. No CO2, just lights.

They basically due not require much maintenance and is hassle free.

I'm now into trying out fissidens on driftwoods without CO2. It requires Co2 to thrive but i've some examples that does not require Co2 as well. It's costly so i'm still thinking about it.
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how about seachem excel??

anyone tried it with their shrimp tank?
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