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Default Tiger Keeping by Xmant

Some sharing thoughts on my tiger keeping.

I kept all my tiger shrimps in the same initial setup parameters as shown below. However, the parameters tend to deviate slightly over time from tank to tank.

pH : 5.8 - 6.4
kH : didn't monitor
gH : 8 - 10
Temperature : 23C - 24.5C

Btw, I don't put my tigers in typical CRS parameters. But, I did it the other way round.

I noticed that tiger tended to do better that way and CRS can be trained over time.

Why GE blue tiger did not look so blue after your purchase?
When tiger is subjected to stress, it tends to be more blue. Their true color will only be shown when it has settled down in the tank after a period of time. Sometime, their color will also change due to other reasons such as mating, water quality and etc..

Why GE blue tiger cannot sustain its true blue color?
According to my own understanding, GE blue tiger has a mixed gene in colors, brown and blue. The brown gene tends to be more dominant than blue. The only way out is to do selective culling to maintain a good population of blue.

How many offsprings will be in blue?
It depends very much on their parents' color gene. Generally, the blue turn out rate will be low unless their paraents have purified color gene. Typically, one can get none to 30% blue from a single batch.

How to make your tiger look good?
Your water quality must be good. Water parameter & temperature must be relatively constant and it must not fluctuate too much daily.

1. Pls do not take my tiger parameter as a standard to keep other breeders' tiger. The parameters are only good for my tigers and not for others.

2. Other sellers are not allowed to take my water parameters as your selling references.

3. As for buyers, pls get the correct parameters from your respective breeders through your sellers.
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bro~ mind if you measure kH and TDS?
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Bro Xmant,show some pic of your GE tiger .
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His GE Blue Tiger!!! POWER!!! He did have a thread before if I'm not wrong... try searching for his threads, or search for Royal Blue Golden Eye Tiger or something along that line.
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Re-attached my old photos of my tigers for your viewing.

Royal Blue Tiger


GE Red Tiger
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Originally Posted by Xmant View Post
GE Red Tiger
Bro this one how to see red tiger ah? Sibeh solid leh all these tigers!!
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Sorry for the wrong attachment on GE red tiger. Here it goes.

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