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daily meal is pedigree dry food + at least 1 pear or apple and 2 pcs of wholemeal bread
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Originally Posted by Soulmates View Post
I give whatever is on sales and have quality I guess. I go to Sun Petgamart to stock up at least 6 months worth of kibbles.
6 mths!!!!!!
I think if i need to carry 6 mths worth of food hme... I'll order from polypets wif free delivery might be cheaper.

But honestly.. Go is not bad.
Dunno y my girls can't seem to digest honest kitchen, i think they're weird (like the owner la...)

I PERSONALLY dun use Frontline/Revolution etc.. coz they get into the bloodstream and I dun care wad ppl say/claim.. is as good as injectin the dogs wif poison and den those critters die after they take the poison (ie suck blood).

I Do have a big bottle of carrington dog wash concentrate in the toilet for emergencies - When u kenna liao u die die have to use lor.

Last round of infestation i did an experiment - the bigger the critters, the longer it takes for them to die. Placed a big grey mama into a box of D.E. and to my horror.... she was struggling to spit out EGGS!!!! 3-4 ROUNDS of eggs before she died - ard 1 week later. Eggs din hatch - dunno if it's coz of DE or coz not ready to be spit out but it's DAMN SCARY!!!!

And I also tried those spray thingies.. Bio-something. Pwah... the critters played possum, den came back to life like.. MAGIC!!!
Even tried to apply frontline directly on one big fat critter and to my horror... it DIN DIE IMMEDIATELY!!!!

Last time (10 yrs ago) - I dilute 1 cap carrington to 1lit of water (1/2 dosage) and the job gets done beautifully.
Last round - I had to give full dose and 3 cycles. And daily mopping with carrington. AND pluck.
AND even if frontline/revolution + Carrington, i actually found critter orgy parties on the damn husky still..3-4 all grouped together on top of each other like stacko sucking away..

They are getting stronger and stronger...
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Satan; You can try Eradicate!
From B2K, green can. But I think only Groomers' Art having them right now.
I was hoarded by ticks (before I know about Carrington) and they worked wonder. Cleared off allllll my ticks at home! I used quite a few cans though!
But the key is MUST personally hand pick ticks out from your dogs at least twice a day. I had 4 dogs, so imagine the horror. And I never shaved them down.
& Yes I stopped Revolution and Frontline many years ago-- Ticks get immune to them, it's very bad for the dogs blahblahblah.

shawnng79 - Err... Pedigree is chunk loaded with preservatives, colourings and by-products that are not food grade at all. They also never label the meat sources, which can easily be any kind of meats (Yes, roadkills, rats, you name them). Bread is also not advisable to feed to dogs.
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Originally Posted by Soulmates View Post
Satan; You can try Eradicate

These days my old women are too old to get anything!!!!
And hor... i think depend on wad breed also la..
1 husky with super thick fluffy coat (part & parcel of the pedigree) can realllly make tick combing a hassle
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