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Default SubForum Rules and Regulations

This sub forum is for the sole purpose of product/equipment related issues and posts/threads should only fall within these limits. Kindly take time to read and observe the following rules.

Sub forum Rules:

1. Do not use offensive or provoking tones and languages. Observe the basic courtesy that you would give towards a stranger on the street or you own family members. Such posts would only call for retaliation and it never really ends does it? So remember, be tactful and courteous. If you think it’ll hurt or offend someone out there, refrain from posting it.

2. Refrain from swearing, or utilising vulgarities with your posts.

3. Do not libel or defame any product/company/person. All reviews are of your own personal opinion, however if a consistent anti-product/company/person pattern can be identified, it could be classified as defamation. If you choose to continue, this forum if requested by law will produce your details for prosecution by the defamed party.

4. Do not breach copyright. If you post an image or quote text from another source, please name the publication/author/Url. Images without proper citation given will be deleted.

5. Advertisements from commercial-scale operations or personal Buy/Sell are strictly prohibited in this sub forum. Posts in breach of this will not be shifted, and will be deleted.

6. Make sense of your posts, non constructive posts such as: “Nice, Well Done, etc” will be deleted. Most of the users within our community will have no issue with this. It’s the outsider chasing posts counts which we’re targeting.

7. Try to add value to the discussions. The forum will tolerate off-topic comments to a certain limit but beyond that, posts will be removed. If the thread starter requests, moderators can and will delete all off-topic posts.

8. Posts that are of interest to only one other forum user should not be sent to the forum. Please use the private message function to do this instead.

The forum is moderated so that it stays friendly, legal and relevant. Moderators will generally leave posts untouched however we have the authority to shift or delete all posts which are in breach of the above mentioned rules without any warning.

I stress the importance of the rules in bold.

Best Regard,
Planted Section Moderating Team,
Keith (Mandz) and Jerome (Higher)
(Adaptation of Forum Rules by Mr Loh K. L.)
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