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Smile Lophiosilurus alexandri aka pacman cat

Scientific name: Lophiosilurus alexandri

Common name: Pacman cat

Family: Pseudopimelodidae

Origin: South America: São Francisco River basin.

Maximum size: 80 cm / 32 inches

Provide this fish with a minimum 5' x2.5' x 2' tank/pond and a large filter such as a sump tank. As far as water quality goes, they will be fine with a PH between 6.0 - 7.2, temperature 22 - 27°C. These fish can be housed with fishes such as endies, stingrays, STs, arowanas and etc. Just make sure that they are of equal size or bigger as this cat has large mouth and will eat anything that fits its mouth.

They have similar feeding habits like most of the catfishes. They took MP readily.

Breeding: These fish does bred in captivity.

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Just some added info

According to Oliver Lucanus of “Below water”

Lophiosilurus alexandri, The Pacman catfish is collected only in the remote Rio Sao Francisco.

When I asked him abt the biotope of the location, this is what I was told

“It is a fast moving river, the pacs live burried in the sand.
The Sao F is off limits for fishing until spring...”

abt sexing…
according to Oliver,

“Hard to sex, like all pimelodids, check from underneath.”

So what abt sexing a pimelodids ?

According to HH of petfrend “Males have a longer, slenderer genital papilla

Genital Papilla - a tube extending from the genital pore, behind the anus

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