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Default Commercial/Mass Buy & Sell Registration

Soon, we will restrict the Commercial/Mass Buy & Sell Forum to members that register with us in the Commercial/Mass Trader Registration Forum

Who should register?

If you represent a fish shop/farm/business and wish to advertise your service/items in

If you are a home breeder and sells them regularly in

If you intend to mass buy or sell in

How to register?

Registration can be done easily by starting a thread in the Commercial/Mass Trader Registration Forum. The thread topic shall be the name of your business. The content shall contain the necessary information in the format below.
  1. Business name
  2. Name of business owner
  3. Name of registrant
  4. Business or home address
  5. Contact no
  6. Email address
  7. Short description about your business
For those that do not have a registered business, you may ignore item 1 and 2.

All information given will only be available to the arofanatics staff and not viewable by other members. You will only be able to see your own thread in the Commercial/Mass Trader Registration Forum.

Registration will not be restricted by post counts or registration date. However, all registrations will be subjected to approval.

Businesses that have supported before in events/prizes will have their business name included under their nick, increased PM mailbox size and signature enabled.

False representation of any business will be seriously dealt with and we will not hesitate to release information should the business owner decide to take legal action against you.

Definition of Mass Buyer/Seller

If you trade in a quantity that is not normally within the buying/selling capacity of a hobbyist and such mass buy/sell are done more than 3 times a year. Home breeders that mass buy/sell more than 3 times a year will be defined as a Mass buyer/seller as well.

No sales quantity will be defined as certain species are traded in larger amount than others. Instead, if the section moderators have reasonable doubts regarding your sales thread, he/she will have the rights to request you to register as a Mass Buyer/Seller.

You may post your questions here.
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The Commercial/Mass Buy & Sell Forum is now closed and only registered members can start a thread there. Ordinary members will be able to reply and ask questions on the commercial threads. Chit chats and upzz posts will all get zapped.
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