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Qian Hu

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Default 3DM - Pro Series Filter Medium

3DM Pro Series Filter Medium. A 5-star Home for your Aquarium Beneficial Bacteria.
  • Improves Water Quality. Perfect medium to establish Nitrogen Cycle and help eliminate ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and to prevent other poor-water quality related diseases.
  • Ideal Bacteria Conditions. Continuous cavities and interlinked micro-tunnels increase the overall effective surface area and create ideal conditions for billions of Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria (required for the completion of the nitrogen cycle) within a single filter medium. The result is a faster bacteria colonization time, stable and longer bacteria life span.
  • Largest Effective Surface Area. BET Method surface area analysis has determined the effective surface area of 3DM to be in the range of 2550m2/litre, far surpassing other biological mediums in the market.
  • pH Neutral. pH-inert material does not modify pH; suitable for soft-water, brackish, hard-water and marine fish.
  • Longer Water Retention Time. The cavities and micro-tunnels increases the passage time of water within the filter, greatly upgrading the capabilities of your biological filter by prolonging the water treatment period.

Technical Data:
  • Porosity: 40-75%
  • Volume Density: 0.5g/cm3
  • Surface Area/Volume: 2550m3/litre (effective surface area)
  • Spatial Aperture Range: Micro (0.10 - 10m), Medium (10 - 500m), Large (0.1 - 3mm)
  • Percolation Rate: 0.2 - 0.6cm/sec
  • Cavity Structure: Continuous 2 - 3 dimensional cavity

71 JALAN LEKAR S698950
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