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Endangered Dragon
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Well GF shit a lot, plecos shit a lot. Think all fish shit, does not really matter what they eat. Filter n water management very impt.

my 2 cents
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Endangered Dragon
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If you really love your goldfish, think you wouldn't care how much they shit because you will love watching them swimming gracefully and also during feeding time whether it is bloodworms or pellets. Most important is to feed regularly and correct amount, have a good filteration systems and constantly doing water change regularly on a weekly basis. This is the hobby fever to enjoy.
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Ken Loh
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Originally Posted by Titus View Post
Agree with you that goldfish are poo poo kings.

But I beg to differ on your statement of feeding bloodworms to management this. In fact, when fed with a lot of bloodworms; water para tends to deteriorate faster.

And expensive pellets does not equate to it not clouding the water. Clouding is usually the effect of overfeeding.

i agreed, i try feeding blood worm to my gold fish the water get dirty faster
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anyone use PL light to cutivate green water or algae ?

what the power consume between pl and fl ?

is 5 butterfly goldfish consider alot in a 4feet x 18 inch tank ?
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cloud water, fish, goldfish, koi, shit

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