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Old 05-07-2009, 12:11 AM   #121
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Originally Posted by wonderpets View Post
thanks but i notice she likes to give birth in the middle of the night and erm you said there is such thing as a breeding net lfs got sell this type of breeding net?
yes... most LFS do carries various type of breeding net/trap. Cheers...
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Old 05-07-2009, 11:03 AM   #122
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Originally Posted by digichris View Post
yes... most LFS do carries various type of breeding net/trap. Cheers...
wah thanks for de tips i will buy one later cheers
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Old 09-12-2012, 04:20 PM   #123
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May i know if i water change 50 or 100 percent .. Do i need to add anythinf else other then anti chlorine .. I know must use ages water .. If there anything i need to add ?

Tank one
With pump filter and sponge

Tank two
With hang one filter gex medium
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Old 09-07-2015, 01:52 PM   #124
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May I know how often you experts wash/change the sponge in the filter?

After one of two broods, my guppies population does not seem to increase any further (I keep all in the same tank and I do not remove the parents/offspring due to space/tank constraints).
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Old 14-07-2015, 03:48 PM   #125
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yes, washing the sponge is part of house keeping...
I think as your fish population increases, logically more fries would be eaten up as food...
less adult fish = lesser chances of fries being eaten up ?
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