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Default JZX May 2015 Livestock update

JZX May 2015 livestock update

H&K Wild Discus:
Alenquer red Curuai Royal
Unini Blue face Heckels
Nhamunda red semi royal

Santa Isabel angelfish WF
Rio Nanay angelfish WF

Platynematichthys notatus "Lince Cat" 17"
Sorubimichthys planiceps "firewood catfish" 3"
Aguarunichthys torosus "Bolt catfish" 6"
Cetopsis coecutiens 3"
Brachyplatystoma capapretum 4-5"
Synodontis clarias

Polypterus Endlicheri 3"
Polypterus Delhezi 3"
Polypterus Bichir Bichir 18-25" WF
Polypterus ansorgii 6-8" WF
Polypterus Ansorgii 16-23" WF
Polypterus Endlicheri "Tinkiso" 8-10" WF
Polypterus Endlicheri "Faranah" 14-25" WF
Polypterus sp. Koloton 13-15" WF
Polypterus endlicheri South Volta 7-9" WF
Polypterus Endlicheri "Black Volta" 14-15" WF
Polypterus sp. "Faranah" 16-18" WF

Corydoras Robustus WF
Corydoras Adolfoi WF
Corydoras Burgessi WF
Corydoras Super Schwartzi WF
Corydoras Davivsandsi WF
Corydoras Robinea WF
Corydoras Concolor WF
Corydoras Super pulcher WF
Aspidoras C125

Loricariidae L-series:
L14 2"
L47 2"
L52 3-4"
L66 3"
L91 5-6"
L128 6"
L160 1.5-2"
L200 5"
L240 5"
L260 2.5-3"
L333 1'1.5"
L600 5-6"
L600 8-9"

Hemiodontichthys acipenserinus 4"

South American Cichlids:
Biodotoma cupido "Red/Santa Isabel"WF
geophagus steindachneri 2-3" WF
Crenicichla Atabapo Red 8-9" WF
Guainacara Dacyra
Guainacara sp "Jatapu" 2"
Heros sp. "Rotkeil" 4" WF
Satanoperca Leucosticta 2-3"
Retroculus lapidifer 3-4" WF
Retroculus Lapidifer 7" WF
Geophagus Argyrostictus 2-3"
Geophagus Winemilleri 2-3"

Dwarf Cichlids/Apistogramma:
Apistogramma Agassizi Fire Red german bred
Apistogramma Barlowi
Apisogramma Borelli OPAL
Apistogramma Panduro
Apistogramma INKA 50 german bred
German Rams
Dicrossus Foirni WF

Central American Cichlids:
Parachromis dovii 2-3"
Paraneetroplus synspilus 2-3"

Lepidiolamprologus Nkambae 3"
Neolamprologus Leleupi orange 4cm
Altolamprologus compressiceps GOLDHEAD 3-4cm
Altolamprologus calvus black 4cm
Altolamprologus calvus black "Zaire" 9-10cm WF
Lamprologus Meleagris 4-5cm
lamprologus ocellatus gold 3cm
Enantiopus melanogenys "Karema" 6-7cm
Enantiopus melanogenys "Kilesa" 6-7cm
Julidochromis dickfeldi 4-5cm

Awaous flavus "Candy cane goby" 2"
Hoplias Malabaricus 5"
Metynnis fasciatus 1.5"
Metynnis Fasciatus 4"
Atractosteus tropicus Tropical Gar 16"
Lepisosteus occulatus "Carpenter Bayou" True Spotted gar 18"


Blue shrimps
Crystal red shrimps CRS
Black diamond shrimps BDS
Fire red shrimps
Goldback yellow shrimps
Yamato shrimps

Tetras & Barbs:
Trochilocharax ornatus WF
Moenkhausia naponis WF
Hyphessobrycon pyrrhonotus "Flameback bleeding heart" WF
Nematobrycon Lacortei WF
Cardinal tetra
Rummy nose tetra
Ember tetra
Golden tetra
Glowlight tetra
Black phantom tetra
Neon tetra
Balloon pristella tetra
Emperor tetra
Congo tetra
Silver tip tetra
Cherry barb
white cloud mountain minnow
Jin Zhong Xiu Trading (JZX)
BLK 711 Ang Mo Kio Central 2 #01-3501F, S560711
Tel: 6455 5675 HP: 90407842
Opening Hours: 1pm - 9pm daily
Closed every Wednesday

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