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Red face DIY Inline CO2 Diffuser

Hi all,

Just building on the idea og an inline CO2 diffuser, not reactor.

I kind of DIY-ed something like that.. but of course not in the tank.
Perhaps you guys would like to take a look at the pictures. i rather not type thousands of words..

Basically i used:
acrylic tube of 2 inches - $0.50
air stone - $0.30
check valve - $1.50
leftover plastic tubing for CO2 of 10cm - Y618 sells $0.20 for 1m.
glue gun - silicon will do as well, as long as water does not come out

Total cost -estimated $2.50

although i know that using a CO2 atomizer will be much better, but would not know if this thing would work out.. so decided to spend 30cents instead of $3.

I placed this DIY part on the inline to my canister filter, similiar to that of the actual one in the link shown above, just that mine is external, and costs less than 1/10 of the other's price.

Turned on my solenoid, and watch the CO2 bubbles coming out from the airstone, going against the flow of the water, and getting sucked into the canister.

Assuming that the bubbles have to go through all the many layers of filter and rings in the canister, get stirred by the impeller and out together with the flow of the water into my rainbar, i must say that 95% of the CO2 were dissolved. of course with the occasional fine bubbles of CO2 coming out from my rainbars.

I suggest those who are interested to try this out, to use this only if your set up needs low bubble per sec counts as i doubt that alot of co2 would be dissolved by the time the water goes back into the tank.

of course, please comment and advise! my first DIY here though..
(maybe i'll pull the airstone out and change to an atomizer.. but lazy to unplug everything)

Pictures shown below.

drilled a hole, just big enough to squeeze the plastic tubing through.

Very fine bubbles going into the canister.. iphone camera cant capture!
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