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I think bumble bee snails tends to be inactive (hibernate) when the water condition doesn't suit them initially (eg new snails intro to tank). They take a few days to a week to accustomise.

Lesson learnt and I share you sentiments of seeing shrimps die one after another. Afterall, they are all lives in our charge.

One 'lazy' man's way is, soak e plants in salt water for abt 10-15mins to rid some parasites and unwanted snails, but make sure you drain e plants in clean water several times to avoid any salt residue.

I make it a point to keep new plants (no new plants for very long time) in seperate container and drain it couple of times. I only use the plants after couple of days usually. Another thing is, if you tie new plants to dw, rock or anything, it is better to soak e tied plants seperately for awhile to let the plant 'bleed' away saps from some damaged stems.
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It is the pesticide or chemical plant farmers use on their plant. It is known not to introduce new plant directlty into your shrimp tank. Soak the plant in a pail of water for a few days, changes water a few times before introducing them into your tank.

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soak a few days may also have problem, it depends on how concentrate the pesticide was and how much you can get rid of them.

since we cannot quantify how much or none pesticide the plant has in the first place, we better soak them as long as possible, or else you may spent even longer time to fix your tank.

Add activate carbon into your filter and add Old Sea Mud powder into your tank to remove residual toxic. But these will not beat water changes, but if you change too much water and too sudeen, further damage can cause to your shrimps.
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This is the second posting of massive death from newly introduced plants. Never know that the problem could be so serious.

Bro, take care and better move on. Study more important for now.
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It wouldn't be surprised to find out the plant purchased by the 2 bros are from the same source.
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not blaming the source, its my own fault not to have quarantine the plants which is the common practice.

the first time i got plants from the same source, did not have such problems, only introduced snails, so this time i thought since i buying helena snails, snails wouldnt be a problem.. but guess this time they had "settled" the snail problem and added some real potent insecticide..

since my loaches are doing fine, i am guessing the pesticide is copper based..

6 months, i had since grown attached to them.. its more heartwrecking to see them twitching around than to see them dead.. did two 50% WC so far, the shrimps seems ok now, but i think left less than 10% of them..

i think next time when i buy plants, after i finish quarantining them will probably use a few culls to test first..
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many plants are grown emmersed before being supplied to our LFS. during the emmersed stage. plants may have been sprayed with instecticide to prevent any insects eating the plants. so i guess it may not be the LFS fault.. i don't think they even know that.
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nope really, i do not have the slightest thought of blaming the LFS, its my own inexperience and that the first time i actually got lucky and got away with only a snail infestation..
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hi friend,
You are not alone... I have same experience before... No worry... start all over again...
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Default not your fault

Originally Posted by ThoughTs View Post
Really a bad day, in the middle of my exams, as I have finished one of my "hell" module, decided to go LFS relax buy some stuff before continue studying

bought some plants, introduced into the tank, go to the washroom and come back, my shrimps like very excited swimming around, especially the shrimplets, so many of them which i usually dont see as they r hiding..

then I realised the are swimming weirdly, more like twitching and then motionless and let the current carry them.. and I realised disaster!!! snail poison??

did a 50% WC, they still twitching and dying one by one, really a very very heart breaking sight.. gotta wait till tomorrow to see the full damage my stupidity had caused me..

and to think its the middle of my exams.. i really feel vv distressed now.. my studying desk is directly next to my tank..

but well.. hope some bros will be able to benefit and learn from my painful mistake..
Hi bro sorry to hear about that I too have almost the same problem,
My tank which has cories and loaches was already stable in water only abt 10 inches depth with some plant terarium style. Got bored with it since java fern turnin brown cos not immerse itchy hand top up water to 1ft cories and loaches died Left 2 survivor only.I felt guilty for killing them.You can buy
fish again but dont let this distract you from your studies .Its fated we cant forsee whats going to happen
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