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1. I am using XTreme. Many water conditioners claim to remove ammonia, detoxifies nitrites. How does the product actually works?

2. XTreme claims that it boosts alkalinity. Will this adjust the pH. If yes, by how much. If no, why?

3. After adding XTreme, a lot of bubbles formed on the surface of my tank. However, they break up easily. May I know what is the cause of this? Can you please explain why this happens?

4. What does it mean by “adds a multi-part skin-slime replacer”?

5. Compared to other products in the market, why is it that I have to add so much more XTreme. This makes XTreme extremely costly to use.

6. I noticed that you have a water conditioner for arowanas. What is the difference between arowana water conditioner and XTreme?

7. As arowana prefers a more acidic water condition. Why does the Arowana Water Conditioner has acid neutralising capacity?
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Filter media

– there is this sudden craze about K1 media, which claims that the media's constant chaotic movement within the filter causes the old dead bacteria on the outside to be displaced. This makes space for new younger heavier feeding bacteria to rapidly colonize. What is your opinion on this claim?

How does the friction caused by the knocking of media only remove the "dead" bacteria? If so, why does the outer layer always remain clean compared to the inner surface area?

K1 media:

What is the natural lifespan of beneficial bacteria?

How can we tell the difference between young, old, strong, weak & dead bacteria?

When filter media becomes darker in color, are those Bio-film or sludge? How can we tell?

- Taking into consideration the tropical climate in Singapore, where fishes eat more, what is the ideal system for tanks with high bio-load?
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Default Concentrated Barley Straw Extract + Peat

I'm trying to breed my Aros in concrete pond.

Can I use this Concentrated Barley Straw Extract + Peat in a fibre glass tank and a concrete pond? Will it stain the water & tank or FGT?

Will this product cause the pH to fluctuate?

How does this product reduce nitrate and phosphate as claimed?

Since this product will give some beneficial properties of earthern ponds, will it encourage spawning?
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Originally Posted by ahsong View Post
My LFS say powder BB is better than water BB, is this true? Do u hv powder BB?

Why every time after I feed my rays Market Prawn got many many bubbles on the surface? How to solve this problem?

We do produce some powdered bacteria. While this may be good for extended shelf life, liquid bacteia performs much better. The bacteria in Microbe-lift Special Blend and Nite-Out II liquids are live and ready to go to work. As soon as you add them to the tank they begin building biofilms and processing waste.
If your LFS tells you dry bacteria is better, they have not compared it to the effeciveness of Microbe-Lift liquids.

The bubbling on the surface after feeding your rays prawn is most likely due to excess proteins in the water from the food. Special Blend bacteria when used regularly will break down proteins.
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Originally Posted by BarraCuda™ View Post
Can a carbon source(sugar, alcohol) rapidly increase the bacteria count?

What are the key main differences between nite out II and special blend?
Sugar and alcohol can be used to increase bacteria count, but this is not the preferred method for us. The bacteria create enzymes needed to break down the food source. If you use something like Vodka you may establish a good sized population of bacteria, however they have adapted to feed on the alcohol. In order to feed on organic waste, ammonia or nitrite the bacteria have to change in order to better process those sources.
It is better to establish the bacteria colonies on the food source you want them to control. We recommend adding fish at the same time you add our bacteria. The bacteria will immediately start working on the waste from the inhabitants of the tank and grow to meet the demand to process those sources.

Special Blend contains many strains of beneficial bacteria that breakdown waste including hard to degrade substances like fats, grease, and glycerol that are found in fish waste and excess food. The bacteria in Special Blend can also reduce Nitrate. SB will do some nitrification, but not as effectively as the bacteria in Nite-Out II.
Nite-Out II contains only nitrifying bacteria. These bacteria process ammonia to nitrite, then to nitrate. The Nite-Out II will not waste or remove nitrate. The two products are designed to be used together to create a balanced biological filter system. Waste degraders, nitrifiers and de-nitrifiers.
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Originally Posted by spotted View Post
Are BB survive better in dark environment?
Our bacteria are produced to thrive in any environment. Dark is not better for them. In the case of Special Blend, it contains photosynthetic bacteria that use light.
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AFC Committee
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The Live Chat will start at 8pm in the Chatbox here:
For Hobbyists..... By Hobbyists.....
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AFC Committee
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Participants can post directly in the Chatbox. However, if there is heavy traffic, you can also post your questions in this thread to ensure that your questions are answered.

For Hobbyists..... By Hobbyists.....
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Alvin Koh


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Some of the members requested for a list of Microbe-Lift products and the list was sent to me last night. These are the items available locally. For more information, please contact



HA3PKAQ1 3 pc Aquarium Cycling & Water Conditioning Kit -1oz. Marine/Fresh $20.50
GSC04 Gravel and Substrate Cleaner - 4 oz. Marine/Fresh $11.80
GFCI04 Gel Filter Cartridge Innoculant - 4 oz. Marine/Fresh $11.80
GFCI08 Gel Filter Cartridge Innoculant - 8 oz. Marine/Fresh $16.30
NITEH04 NiteOut II - 4 oz. Marine/Fresh $11.80
NITEH08 NiteOut II - 8 oz. Marine/Fresh $16.30
SBH04 Special Blend - 4 oz. Marine/Fresh $11.80
SBH08 Special Blend - 8.5 oz. Marine/Fresh $19.00
THERAPH04 TheraP - 4 oz. Marine/Fresh $13.30
THERAPH08 TheraP - 8.5 oz. Marine/Fresh $20.80
THERAPHG1 TheraP - 1 Gallon Marine/Fresh $133.00


SDCHLA04 Super Dechlorinator Plus - 4 oz. Marine/Fresh $8.80
SDCHLA08 Super Dechlorinator Plus - 8 oz. Marine/Fresh $15.00
XTA64 Xtreme - 64 oz. Marine/Fresh $62.00
XTAG1 Xtreme - 128 oz. Marine/Fresh $93.00
AR04 Ammonia Remover - 4 oz. Marine/Fresh $10.50
AR08 Ammonia Remover - 8 oz. Marine/Fresh $14.50
SRA04 Aquatic Stress Relief - 4 oz. Marine/Fresh $9.30
SRA08 Aquatic Stress Relief - 8 oz. Marine/Fresh $13.30
SRA16 Aquatic Stress Relief - 16 oz. Marine/Fresh $22.50
PR04 Phosphate Remover - 4 oz. Marine/Fresh $10.30
PR08 Phosphate Remover - 8 oz. Marine/Fresh $17.80
ALGAA04 Algaway 5.4 Algae Control - 4 oz. Fresh $13.30
ALGAA08 Algaway 5.4 Algae Control - 8 oz. Fresh $20.80
CPF08 Clarifier Plus 8 oz. Fresh $13.30
PH7.5SM 7.5pH Buffer/Stabilizer 8.8oz (250g) Fresh $18.30
PH7.5MD 7.5pH Buffer/Stabilizer 17.6oz (500g) Fresh $28.00
PH8.5SM 8.5pH Buffer/Stabilizer 8.8oz (250g) Fresh $18.30


BNGA08 Bloom and Grow - 8 oz. Marine/Fresh $13.30
BNGA16 Bloom and Grow - 16 oz. Marine/Fresh $19.00


CC04 Calcium Concentrate - 4 oz. Marine $8.80
SM04 Strontium & Molylodenum - 4 oz. Marine $10.00
MAG04 Magnesium - 4 oz. Marine $10.00
IRON04 Chelated Iron - 4 oz. Marine $8.80
EMTE04 Ess. Minerals & Trace Elements-4 oz. Marine $8.80
IODIDE04 Iodide & Bromide - 4 oz. Marine $8.80
ALL04 All in One - 4 oz. Marine $10.00
CAA04 Coralline Algae Accelerator - 4 oz. Marine $10.00
COM04 Complete - 4 oz. Marine $10.00
KALKSM Kalkwasser - 1 lb. (454 gr.) Marine $21.30
PHYTOA04 Phyto-Plus A Reef Food - 4 oz. Marine $20.50
PHYTOB04 Phyto-Plus B Reef Food - 4 oz. Marine $20.50
ZOO04 Zoo-Plus Reef Food - 4 oz. Marine $20.50
CPWC04 Cichlid Proper Water Chemistry - 4 oz. Fresh $11.80
CAREB02 Beginner Beta Care - 2 oz. Fresh $7.30
DWC04 Discus Proper Water Chemistry - 4 oz. Fresh $11.80
ABWC04 Amazon Black + Softwater Conditioner - 4 oz. Fresh $10.30
ABWC16 Amazon Black + Softwater Conditioner - 16 oz. Fresh $26.50
ABWC64 Amazon Black + Softwater Conditioner - 64 oz. Fresh $73.80


ARTSW04 Artemiss Saltwater - 4 oz. Marine $14.80
ARTFW04 Artemiss Freshwater - 4 oz. Fresh $13.30
ARTFW08 Artemiss Freshwater - 8 oz. Fresh $22.00
HERBSW04 Herbtana Saltwater - 4 oz. Marine $14.80
HERBFW04 Herbtana Freshwater - 4 oz. Fresh $13.30
HERBFW08 Herbtana Freshwater - 8 oz. Fresh $22.00
ICHA04 Ich-Out - 4 oz. Marine/Fresh $8.80
PROA04 Protectant - 4 oz Marine/Fresh $8.30
DEFA04 Defend - 4 oz. Marine/Fresh $8.80


ALGA16 Algaway 5.4 Pond 16 oz. Fresh $31.00
10PLP Pond Lift (PL) 1pt. (16oz) Fresh $34.00
10PLX5G Pond Lift (PL) 5 Gallon Fresh $680.00
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Alvin Koh


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Transcript of Microbe-Lift Live Chat - 24th May 2011, Starting 8pm


19:37 - D24: Hi Scott
19:38 - D24: Hi Mr Goh
19:38 - D24: r u guys here?
19:41 - MicrobeLiftScot: i was just answering a few questions in the thread. I will be happy to answer them here as well.
19:42 - D24: Hi Scott, welcome to Singapore & Arofanatics...
19:42 - Alvin Koh: hi Scott, welcome
19:42 - D24: This is the actual place for the Live chat
19:43 - D24: We will start at 8pm
19:43 - MicrobeLiftScot: Glad to be here.
19:43 - D24: meanwhile... pls let Alvin know if u need any help with the functions..
19:43 - MicrobeLift: Hi every body. I am getting ready
19:43 - D24: Alvin is the Adminstrator for this website
19:44 - Alvin Koh: Sure, please let me know if there's anything you need help with.
19:44 - D24: Hi Mr Goh
19:44 - MicrobeLift: So far so good
19:44 - Alvin Koh: Great
19:45 - MicrobeLift: When do we put up the questions?
19:45 - D24: Scott, questions will be posted here for you to answer
19:45 - D24: Goh, we start at 8pm
19:45 - Alvin Koh: D24, do we need to wait for BarraCuda (moderator)?
19:45 - MicrobeLift: I meant the question for the quest
19:45 - D24: Alvin, yes.. got to wait for him
19:46 - D24: Goh, do u mean the quiz?
19:46 - MicrobeLift: yes
19:47 - D24: We will post it in the forum. So that we can track the 1st five correct answers
19:47 - D24: that will be at the end of this session
19:50 - D24: Scott, u can also post anything that u want to share with hobbyists at anytime of this session
19:50 - Alvin Koh: Scott, when did you arrive in Singapore?
19:50 - MicrobeLiftScot: I arrived yesterday afternoon
19:51 - Alvin Koh: Ah, is it your first time here?
19:51 - MicrobeLiftScot: Yes, Singapore is beautiful. The weather reminds of home in Florida.
19:52 - Alvin Koh: Hehe, we are having somewhat of a hot spell at the moment.. it's warmer than usual
19:53 - Alvin Koh: Hi BarraCuda
19:53 - MicrobeLiftScot: It was 90 F with 87% humidity in Florida when I left for this trip.
19:54 - BarraCuda™: Yo
19:54 - Alvin Koh: That's almost identical to what we are experiencing on most days. hehe
19:55 - Alvin Koh: Scott, BarraCuda will be helping with the live chat today as well.
19:55 - MicrobeLift: I took Scott to walk from Suntec to China Town this morning
19:55 - D24: Scott, I'm going to open the thread for participants to post theirs questions. Pls do not post your answers there..
19:55 - MicrobeLiftScot: ok
19:58 - Alvin Koh: To the rest of the members lurking, feel free to say hi.
19:58 - Alvin Koh: MicrobeLift = Goh
19:59 - Alvin Koh: MicrobeLiftScot = Scott
19:59 - Alvin Koh: They will be answering the questions posted by our members soon
20:00 - BarraCuda™: Notice is up!
20:01 - Alvin Koh: Thanks Barra
20:01 - D24: Alvin, my Boss is here... we can start
20:01 - Alvin Koh: ok
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