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Default SA Cichlid enquiry

Hi all,

recently started a mixed cichlid tank (african and SA - Jags, Cuban, EBJD, JD, Urau) and the SAs seem to appeal more to me. Almost bought Haitian cichlids but thank goodness didnt get them in the end, research showed they are big time psycho killers. Am thinking of converting my tank to a SA thank.

In the meanwhile, can anyone kindly point me to where festae cichlids are for sale? Been damn difficult to find them.

Much appreciated and thanks in advance, also a very merry Christmas and a splendid year ahead to you folks!
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Jags, Cuban, EBJD, JD are CA
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Uarus look very cute looking and peaceful cichlids... Downside is that they are very greedy and not much color... U can also consider eartheaters
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Pick out a nice pair of C. Grammodes at JZX this evening.

Did not buy because absolutely no tank space.
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Originally Posted by nicktc View Post
Pick out a nice pair of C. Grammodes at JZX this evening.

Did not buy because absolutely no tank space.
Hi nick!

Yeah those grammodes really make me itch. Kept some before and they were really very beautiful fishes. Like you said, no more tank space le. ...
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