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Default Taking up Tanganyikan again!

Hi guys, I'm back to keeping my favourite fishes >> Tanganyikan cichlids!

A little intro about myself as 99.99% doesn't know me.....
started keeping guppies, mollies, bettas, etc since 40 years ago. Started keeping fishes seriously since 20+ years ago and bought my first Golden arowana then which costs me $1200 as well as custom build my first 5ft X 2ft X 2ft tank at $1600 which was something to be proud of then as during that time, having a 5ft tank was NOT common. Shortly after that I expanded my fish keeping collections by getting few more 4ft tanks and a few smaller tanks as well.....that's when I was intrigued by tanganyikan fishes and my priorities changed from arowanas to tanganyikan. Have kept tanganyikan for more than 10 years since then.....and then had to forgo this hobby 6 years+ ago as I have to leave Singapore to Australia. So I sold off all of my tanks (except the 5ft) and all of my fishes to hobbyists as well as fish shops.

Now I'm back in Singapore for good and have decided to start back my hobby in April this year and that's to keep tanganyikan fishes! Visited many lfs before that but was disappointed to see most doesn't sell tanganyikan! Luckily, thru some hobbyists (mainly Tangs_rule & ECtan) here, I've managed to secure some tangs and widen my tangs network again!

Sorry to have 'bored' readers here, but I was kinda hoping to locate some lost contacts too from the days of my tangs keeping. Way back then, knew quite a few good tangs keepers from Petfrd forum website (my nick is also Brichardi) as well as from CF (Jason's time). Drop me a line guys!

Thanks for reading,
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