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Flying Ranchu
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Originally Posted by JoBoLxxg View Post
Dear Ranchu Experts

Can I know what is problem with my ranchu when they shit, it floated on-top the surface of the water. Is it bcos of the food the eat? Pls advise how to solve this problem. Thank in advance.
Originally Posted by Daniel_Tan183 View Post
Feed them pellets that sink, cos when they gobble up floating pellets they tend to gulp in lots of air. Hikari Lionhead Pellets is a good choice. If u wanna feed them floating pellets as an alternative, make sure u soak them for 5 mins to ensure that 1.) the air trapped in them are expelled fully, 2.) to ensure that they sink. If they take floating pellets directly, the air will get expelled in their bodies, causing them to be bloated.
If their poop contains air bubble in it, then try doing as what Daniel_Tan183 suggested. My gf do not have such problem as I always soak their feed in water first + 2 days of detox.

If their poop contains no air bubble but looks watery, then your gf may have some intestinal problem. Try feeding them so Epiem salt as what other Sifus had suggested.

Hope it helps.
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