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Originally Posted by kenghua View Post

May I ask how long were you away? Does your tank cover have any holes for air to pass through?
Kind of hard to say, in extreme case like a congested tank a matter of minutes fish will start gasping for air on water surface. On the other hand in a sparsely populated tank fish may not be impacted. Also note that water temp plays a part. In day time when temp is higher more impact than in the night or cool day. Fish tolerance also play a part, koi, goldfish, barb, rays, ATF, armatus, tiger...would die first, followed by pleco, aro, hook, catfish type....others like bichir, gourami, gar... will survive. Size also does matter.
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when i used to keep my aros in single tanks - SOLO AROS for whole tank i would normally change 2 glass panels to mesh for them to breath incase there is a power outage at night.. once had a power outage during day time . after 45 mins - an hour start to open & close mouth
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Originally Posted by burntrubber View Post
I was previously using a IOS tank. Filtration is limited. My livestock out grew the tank with bad consequences as I couldn't keep up with the water change.

You should plumb the return into a Overhead Filter for increased filtration.
My IOS is in the back not side..i think it is enough since the tank is 6 feet long and 3 feet height..can put alot of media back there..
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Sorry for your lost.

I wonder if it was the heavy rain lately?

2 days ago, there was a power trip at home (only 1 circuit breaker) for about 6 hours but luckily mine is a simple planted with tropical fishes, so probably the oxygen level in the tank is sufficient for small fishes. Coincidentally, the carpark's gantry system for the big carpark area all tripped. Last night, the gantries were still malfunction.

So happened to touch the water of my tank, and felt some electric 'bite' on my fingers... found the small pump back cover dislodged and had it removed. No more current. My case of power trip could be the submersible pump.
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Old 22-11-2016, 08:48 PM   #35
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Bro, sad to this thing happened.. anyway your tank seems overload especially with so many rays..
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Old 23-11-2016, 05:42 PM   #36
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So sorry for your loss bro.

Seriously consider putting in a UPS. Aquarium water and air pumps do not use a lot of power. A mid sized UPS will be able to keep life support going until power returns, or give you time to source for a small diesel generator.
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Old 24-11-2016, 02:08 PM   #37
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Bro, I could feel your pain as I had been through similar event.
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Old 27-11-2016, 01:18 AM   #38
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Sad to see such loss..!!
I have not yet purchased a ACDC but will do next week..
My place also has frequent power failures recently.. luckily both times I was at home.
Sorry for your loss Bro.. Keep your head up.
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Originally Posted by Aro77 View Post
sorry for your loss bro. if u are running a hiblow , a good option is a APC/UPS
Bro, I'm using a hiblow, mind sharing what's a apc/ups and where to get these ?
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To: TS , I totally can understand your loss as I experienced exactly the same wipeout few years ago due to power trip and we went for a family trip aboard .having a acdc pump no doubt reduces the risk of total wipeout when we are away from home and a unforeseen power trip occurs but having said that if the period is too long the casualty level will not be lessen in any manner .
The best thing as I felt after the unforgettable incident is to have someone looking after the livestocks when we are away , it could be a trusted neighbor or a distant relative . Do not give up and take this in your stride , just be more careful in future , we learnt it the hard way thou .
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