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Default Tsurumi VS Hiblow VS Medo

Hi guys,

i am looking for a reliable air pump which is performs ard 80L/Min and is comparing the options available for me.

Hi blow is a trusted brand and has proved itself for many years however i am trying to be adventurous to seek other alternatives.

It came to my attention that Tsurumi have their range of air pump too. Being one of the most reliable water pump, i wonder how does their air pump match up to their reputation.

Another brand is Medo, read that it is not a diaphragm blow and is piston driven.

Any views on the above mentioned? Especially the less heard Tsurumi and Medo brand?

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Not tried Tsurumi.

Medo -

Very quiet, piston design.
Lower flow rate at high pressure (deep ponds > 5ft)

Hiblow -

Traditional diaphram design
Can get a bit noisy vs Medo
Good flow rate even at 5ft+ depth

Both very reliable units. Got a hiblow that has been in service for 8yrs, and a Medo for 6yrs
Flow rate observations are from studying pump charts, not actual experience.
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thanks for sharing!!!

Yea i have been on a hi blow for years, and thinking to be adventurous and try out Tsurumi. its a made in Japan pump too.
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