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Default Painful Loss - 3 arowanas

Lost 3 arowanas and a colony of cichlids yesterday. heart pain

1 x 21-22 inch Swift XB
1 x 10inch DFI royal blue XB
1 x 19inch Rainbow RTG

5 x pinestrip demba cichlids.

All because of my silly mistake. Went shopping for fish food and saw this product petfran clear plus. Read the label, it binds phosphates and clears water. So decided to try it, since i have not changed water for 2 weeks (2 largest arowana seems to be pairing with grunting sound made recently, so decided not to disturb them).

After dosing all is normal, so went out for dinner. When i came up, all arowanas breathing heavily, and hanging around on top of water. Swift XB started to lose control when swimming, banging into tank wall. Immediately changed 30% water and increased aeration as it looks like problem with aeration. Too late, swift XB flipped and died. 1 hour later, RTG flipped as well. In my sump, the cichlids flipped as well. After water change and increased aeration decided to leave the fishes alone.

This morning, found my DFI royal blue dead as well, it didnt last the night.

Most probable cause of tank crash - The rapid binding of phosphates, etc caused the sudden increase of organic waste, depleting the water of oxygen.

Strange thing is the arowanas and cichlids are affected, but the other tankmates like IT/AT, Discus and hampala barb seems unaffected.

Now i am just left with 2 arowanas in the tank. Only consolation is that my 24inch sumo RTG survived this crash.

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Sorry for your loss , my condolences ..
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Sad to hear of your loss.

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Sorry for your loss. Other than anti chorine and medication when required, I don't believe in adding any chemical.
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lost a couple of stock on this brand's anti chlorine before. lacking confidence in this brand now.
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I feel for you bro... And sorry for your loss.
This reminds me back in my NS days, I saved up for a HBRTG after a long time...
Got too excited, tried too hard, saw a Oceanfree Super Clear product... Had the same thought as you, try to make the water cleaner.

That very night, HB upside down.
I hope you recover soon and start again slowly
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IF NOTHING need to be repair do not fix it, it just create more damage

sorry for your loss.....
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i also no like to add stuff....

at most salt, if need ,medication last resort.

for clearer water, i prefer using absording stuff like purigen etc.
not those special solution , who know wat substance they turn into.
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Never really trust these clear what clear this kinda stuffs. It will still be best doing our usual filter maintain and build a stronger biological filter.
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kena before myself. got some clear algae and make water clear solution. add in jitao aro swim left right centre and gasping for air. lucky quickly change water and my bro brought some tank water from his house to mix in. lucky he survived

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