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Default Species profile - Pseudopimelodus bufonis (Bumblebee Cat)

Sci name :Pseudopimelodus bufonis

Common names- Giant Bumblebee Catfish, Jello Catfish, Jelly Catfish

Family: Pseudopimelodidae

Max Size- 24.5 cm


22 - 27C

South America: Rivers of northeastern South America from Lake Maracaibo to eastern Brazil.

demersal, freshwater

yellowish-brown body with 2 black vertical bands on the body and 1 vertical band just before the tail and 1 juz after the head. 2 barbels above the mouth (1 on each side) 4 barbels below (2 on each side)

Tank Size Recommendations-
at least a 4ft X 2ft tank would be recommended to keep this catfish

Provide driftwood or caves for this giant bumblebee to hide. Chances are u would hardly see this fish in the day as they are nocturnal and there are even reports by few that they do not see their fish for months!

Some Suggested Tankmates-
Arowana, Polypterus(Endlciheri would be great) and other bumblebee cat

Personal Experiences-
This fish is really interesting to keep especially with Endlicheris (Bichir) because the black band and brown body on this catfish resembles pretty much those on an endy. my bumblebee catfish is pretty skittery the moment I on the lights and start to dart around the tank. Most of the time my cat would be hiding around my canister inlet and hunts only at night (nvr ever had the chance to see it hunt... I only get to count the feeders missing the next day)

By Mewmender
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Curious about the looks so did a search at planetcatfish and found it.

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