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Default Altum From Unscrupulous LFS

In this Altum season, I have brought 5 pcs of Altum from one of the LFS initially. They are chosen by me from the tank and all doing well for this first week. The next week, I saw some healthy Altums display in bag in another LFS. As I am looking for smaller one, I request to view and choose the Altum which are kept inside a restricted zone. The LFS replied that no viewing and selection is allowed. Believe that they have healthy Altum as what they have show in the display bag. I brought 10 pcs of Altum and they are pack 5 pcs per bag. When I released these Altum in the tank, I was horrified to see 3 new Altum are with bad finrot. The finrot is so bad that you will never choose no matter what. Eventually, all Altum are infested by finrot and they die one by one. In the end, 10 Altum form the 2nd batch and 1 from the 1st batch die. 4 Altum from the 1st batch eventually recovered and survive till now.

Just to share my experience for that no one get cheat in the future.
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Why didn't you check the stock before making the payment ?

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Partly it is your fault on your side. When you get the fish, you should check for illness and other things. You can reject the fishes if you dun like it as long as payment is not made.
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Old 20-12-2009, 12:19 AM   #4
Grand Pope
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Abit unfair to call the mentioned LFS "unscrupulous" as you always have the right to see the fishes before paying, which u didn't.

Believe only your eyes. Choose with caution the next time.
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Next time when buying, and before paying, see your fishes properly to avoid such cases, just take it as a learning lesson.
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Default is your own fault if you don't check
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bro i tink u shld check b4 making ur payment....if u tell them before u pay money they dun change for u then is they wrong lah....nvm nxt time remember to check ur purchase before making payment..
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Originally Posted by Grand Pope View Post
Abit unfair to call the mentioned LFS "unscrupulous" as you always have the right to see the fishes before paying, which u didn't.

Believe only your eyes. Choose with caution the next time.
Is it fair to me when you can't see, choose and even check. Display healthy fish but sell sick fish is like "Hang Goat Head But Sell Dog Meat"
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You have the right to inspect the fishes before payment. you could have asked them to pack in one bag first or get them to remove the second bag amd then check the fishes for any sickness. I think this lfs just want to do one time business with you and passed you those sick altums.
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Old 21-12-2009, 09:28 AM   #10
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I think everyone agrees with you that our LFS could do better.

But why did you buy when you canít see the fish properly?

If you canít even see the condition of the fishes, then how sure are you that those fishes inside are altums?

I cannot comprehend how a person who cannot accept sick fishes will pay for fishes that he canít even see clearly?
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