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Default Need Old or spoilt mini protein skimmer & tips for training fish off food

Hi, just want to know if any bro here have a faulty mini or nano skimmer available ?

I want to convert it into a bubble inlet as the bubbles from the normal airstone strip causing my lights to corrode badly. At least with the skimmer, the bubbles are contained.

Also I have bought 2 sweetlips but one seemed to have died due to hunger (its stomach was flat). I feed my fish with several flakes and Hikari carnivore pellets. Only like once in 2 or 3 days I feed with the Hikari Mysis shrimps.

How do we wean the fish to eat flakes. I am worried about trying the "starve" fish as I do not want another casualty.
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Sweetlips are sensitive and not that easy to keep. Hikari carnivore pellets aren't as suitable for marine fish, it would be better to feed something like Hikari marine S or Hikari Marine A.

IMO, its better to wean fish to pellets than flakes. You can start by feeding live bbs or frozen Mysis then mix in pellets. When the fish starts eating the pellets, reduce the quantity of the bbs or Mysis slowly before completely stopping the live bbs or frozen Mysis and feeding only pellets. Some marine fish don't adapt to pellets and it would be quite impossible to wean them to pellet foods.
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