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Default would you risk leaving them overnight?

I tried removing the divider from my 2 arowanas, as the partition is gettng too small with my rays on the other side .
what do you guys think? would you guys try to leave them overnight?
or should i separate them for now. if it doesn't work i will put one of the reds back into my pond.

YouTube Video
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so far have noticed fights not that violent. but since they are really big , a little nervous.
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think better to do so only at a time where u can monitor, tomorrow saturday, perhaps remove in the morning and monitor through out the day better
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I will just let them be..

Size wise they are about same size so unlikely will result in casualty

The question is are you able to live wiith torned fins? Torned tail? Dropped scales? If answer is yes just let them be

Even if y monitor and they fight what can u immediately?

Speaking from my experience of comm-ing aros

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Sorry for hijack your thread. Can you share what air pump are you using (brand and model). It looks very strong

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You should separate them
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