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Endangered Dragon
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Default Peaceful arowana pair?

Anybody has peaceful arowana pair here?
my male arowana is aggressive even when he is paired up to female.
keeps on forcing her top breed i think?

i need to comm with other arowanas as the female gets beat up when i isolate them .

anybody here has pair which is peaceful?
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You need to let them pair up themselves if not sure hell run loose
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I keep one pair Raffles Arowana XB. They didnít fight for very Long and since I brought from previous owner.

But one day out of the blue they fought . And I put a partition to reduce the tension.
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Old 31-05-2019, 05:58 AM   #4
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Still possible to find... my neighbour kept his adult pair for relatively Long time before swapping to single nice red.

All the best for your search

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