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Default Arowana Fanatics Club (Singapore) - 2013 AGM minutes

AGM Arowana Fanatics Club (Singapore) 2013

President (John Tan)
Treasurer (Alvin Koh)
Secretary (Stanley Tan)
Andrew Tan

John, President of the AFC - Arowana Fanatics Club (Singapore) presented the current financial status of the Club.
Total revenue from membership signups and renewals for 2012 to 2013 is $21,900.
Total revenue carried forward from previous year is $31,362.74.
Expenditure for 2012/2013 is $17958.40.
Current balance for 2013 stands at $13,404.34.

John mentioned that 2013 was a very trying year for Arowana Industry.
Despite prices of Arowanas dropping significantly, hobbyists have shown reluctance to buy.

Events and Activities
John gave a chronological account of activities organised by the committee in 2012/2013.
The first event organised in 2012, was cancelled due to insufficient registrants.

In January 2013, the talk by Dr Alex Chang from Qian Hu Corporation on "Filtration Media and Filtration Media" was better received with over 30 participants.

Another slated event scheduled for March 2013 to the Kapuas River in Indonesia was cancelled due to lack of response. Members feedback that cost could be an issue.

The highlight event was probably the home visit to member Beerman's house in April 2013 to view his collection of arowanas and setup. It was very well received.

Hydra Technology Jul 2013 - Event cancelled due to lack of response.

John asked for suggestions from the committee and members to contribute ideas for events which members will be interested in.

CrazyFish suggested a trip to Thailand Chatuchak and arowana farms in the country. John said that Thailand may not have the Arowana farms that members may be interested in as the variety consists of mostly Green Asian Arowanas.

One of the members mentioned that for certain events, the location may be an issue - especially overseas. John replied that for some events, the location is within Singapore, yet there are very few participants. Some members responded, that these places not exclusive, and there is little novelty in visiting as they can go at their own convenience.

Malaysia was another location for farm visits as it is not too far and cost may be lower. The committee sounded out that the discussion may be too long-drawn and thus would like to continue the discussion on the online forum.

Office bearers
There were no objections to the appointment of the office bearers. John remains the President of the Club. Stanley Tan has been re-appointed the Treasurer and Alvin Koh the Secretary. There were no changes to the committee members.
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