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Alvin Koh


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20:02 - john ng: hi Mr Goh and Scott, welcome to Singapore.
20:02 - MicrobeLift: Hi John
20:02 - Alvin Koh: hi John
20:02 - MicrobeLiftScot: Thank you
20:03 - spencertan: Hello everyone(:
20:03 - MicrobeLift: Singapore is my home ground
20:03 - Alvin Koh: Hi spencertan
20:04 - spencertan: what is this event all about?
20:04 - john ng: Scott, what did you do or do you do, while you are in Florida?
20:05 - Alvin Koh: The live chat is about water management, filtration, etc
20:05 - MicrobeLiftScot:
I am a Sales MAnager and techinical support person for Ecological Labs,
the producer of Microbe-Lift. Things are so busy for us right now that I
am traveling all of the time for work

20:06 - spencertan: Is the live chat ongoing?
20:06 - BarraCuda™: Yes, I will post the first question to kick start
20:06 - MicrobeLift: Scott is here to attend to Aquarama show. Our booth No. is 710
20:07 - BarraCuda™: From ahsong, My LFS say powder BB is better than water BB, is this true? Do u hv powder BB?
20:07 - MicrobeLiftScot:
We do produce some powdered bacteria. While this may be good for
extended shelf life, liquid bacteia performs much better. The bacteria
in Microbe-lift Special Blend and Nite-Out II liquids are live and ready
to go to work. As soon as you add them to the the tank they begin building biofilms and processing waste

20:08 - kspkcm: Hello everyone.
20:08 - Alvin Koh: hi kspkcm
20:08 - MicrobeLiftScot: If your LFS tells you dry bacteria is better, they have not compared it to the effeciveness of Microbe-Lift liquids.
20:08 - MicrobeLift: some of the good bacteria exist only in liquid form.
20:09 - BarraCuda™: From ahsong, Why every time after I feed my rays Market Prawn got many bubbles on the surface? How to solve this problem?
20:09 - MicrobeLiftScot: The bubbling on the surface after feeding your rays prawn is most likely due to excess proteins in the water from the food
20:09 - D24: What are those power in the powered BB?
20:09 - MicrobeLiftScot: Special Blend bacteria when used regularly will break down proteins.
20:10 - spencertan:
I have a question, why will some things like bacteria bloom suddenly
occurs,even without you feeding your livestocks with e.g MP,aka market

20:10 - MicrobeLiftScot: Bacteria feed on many things. There are bacteria that will feed on phosphate in the water and nitrogen from the air and bllom.
20:11 - Rein-Biotech Services: I'm in, sorry for being late
20:11 - MicrobeLiftScot: Different bacteria, different food sources. They may be getting what they need even if you arent adding food
20:11 - kspkcm:
Some companies produce different beneficial bacteria for freshwater and
marine aquariums. Do you also make different products for freshwater
and marine aquariums?

20:12 - MicrobeLiftScot: Our bacterias are grown to adapt to any water, fresh, brackish or salt. They grow slower in salt, but they work
20:12 - MicrobeLiftScot: We hear all of the time that this is not possible, yet we do it every day
20:12 - BarraCuda™: Can a carbon source(sugar, alcohol) rapidly increase the bacteria count?
20:13 - MicrobeLift: MirobeLift Special Blend and Nite Out II can be used for both fresh water and salt water tanks.
20:13 - john ng:
here's something I've always wondered... during water change, after
sucking up all the visible dirt, is it better to left the hose at the
top half or bottom half for the tank to remove water? does it matter?

20:13 - Alvin Koh: hi Rein, no worries. we just started
20:13 - MicrobeLiftScot: Producing bacteria for water quality improvemnet is our primary business
20:13 - WiNd.feNg: Wow, im on time!
20:13 - Alvin Koh: hi WiNg.feNg
20:14 - PBB: how is bacteria being kept alive in a bottle and how long is the shelf life of your product ?
20:14 - WiNd.feNg: hello all
20:14 - washywashy: The nitrosomonas in "Nite out", how do they survive in the bottle?
20:14 - MicrobeLiftScot:
WHen removing water during a water change it may be best to vary the
position in the tank, If you keepthe hose at the top you may miss the
heavyier elements

20:15 - MicrobeLift: Our bacteria has the longest shelf live >3 years
20:15 - MicrobeLiftScot: at the bottom, you will noy be removing excess proteins that form on the surface
20:15 - Mali:
Hi all, I would like to ask...adding salt to tank water will it help
for freshwater aquarium such as arowana and others of the like. Thank

20:15 - Navy: Will BB in sump tank survive when doing water change? It takes bat an hour to drain & refill my tank (7x2.5x2.5)
20:15 - MicrobeLift: How it is kept that long is proprietary information
20:15 - PBB: thanks
20:16 - kspkcm:
For freshwater beneficial bacteria, I noticed that you have different
bacteria for aquariums and ponds. In what way are they different and

20:16 - MicrobeLiftScot: Adding salt in low quantities is in my opinion beneficial for all fish. There are those who would disagree
20:16 - MicrobeLiftScot: as long as the bio media remains wet during the water change it should be fine
20:17 - Navy: Even if no air pump?
20:17 - MicrobeLift: The bacteria for aquarium and pond are culture with different process to suit different environmental application
20:17 - MicrobeLiftScot:
kspkcm - the bacteria for ponds and aquariums may contain the same
strains, but they are grown in a different nutrient better suited to
their eventual use

20:18 - MicrobeLift: The types of microbes used are quite similar
20:18 - Cow36: Hi all, Good evening Is it harmful to have the ohf filtration expose to direct sunlight for a couple of hours?
20:18 - kspkcm: Thanks
20:18 - Alvin Koh: Reminder: Chat message colors are deliberately surpressed for the live chat to provide emphasis to the guest speakers' message.
20:18 - MicrobeLiftScot: The pond PL would not be good to add to an aquarium under 100 gallons US. The nutrient level would be too high
20:19 - ric1797:
Hi. 1 silly question. Is there any sign from the tank water to tell us
is time to add bbs or we need to add whenever perform water change ?

20:19 - WiNd.feNg:
From my knowledge, I suppose liquid bacteria are actually living in a
broth solution, ie Lysogeny broth etc. Once they deplete the nutrients
in the broth, they die out for form cyst. So, my question is, are
bacteria in the MicrobeLift liquid solution actu

20:19 - MicrobeLiftScot: It is a good idea to add additional bacteria after a water change to replace what we call washout
20:20 - mihatah: hi guys,
20:20 - Alvin Koh: hi mihatah
20:20 - WiNd.feNg: soltion are actually dormant or alive, and if they are dormant, long it takes to activate them?
20:20 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Othe than that, the best thing is to follow dosage directions. If you
develop a problem or spill too much food in the water you can always add
additional bacteria

20:21 - MicrobeLift: You are right, if bacteria are awake, the nutrient in the bottle will finish very fast.
20:21 - MicrobeLiftScot: Our bacteria in Special Blend and Nite-Out II are live and begin working immediately
20:21 - washywashy: Is it a must to use these 2 products together?
20:21 - MicrobeLift: In MicrobeLift, the bacteria are in hybernation state when the bottle is not opened
20:21 - washywashy: It's said that it would best to use Special blend first followed by nite out
20:22 - ric1797: So am i right to say, add bbs to according to water volume rather than the amount of water change ? Many Thanks.
20:22 - spencertan:
May i ask a question? Like,ok i know frequent water changes are
essential for the growth of the fish like aro with the tlc they
deserve,but how do you ensure that the water parameters will be the same
after water change? do you have any products that do s

20:22 - MicrobeLiftScot: It is actually best to add them together.
20:22 - MicrobeLift: Yes ric1797
20:23 - washywashy: So these 2 products contain 2 different types of bacteria meant for different functions?
20:23 - MicrobeLiftScot: You cant really overdose with our bacteria, so it is best to add based on total water volume
20:23 - MicrobeLift: Nitrosomonas and nitrobacters are also found in Special Blend, but in much less quantity
20:23 - Alvin Koh: <i>spencer</i>, you may wish to split your question into 2 lines, There is a submission limit of about 250 characters
20:24 - kspkcm:
Also understand that you have a bacterial balancer for arowanas. What
is the difference? Why are there is so many different types of
beneficial bacteria?

20:24 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Yes the two products are different. Special Blend is waste degraders
and denitrifiers, This is the best product to add for ongoing overall
water quality improvement

20:24 - spencertan: erm i finished my sentence,so can answer liao
20:24 - MicrobeLiftScot: Nite-Out II is Nitrifying bacteria for processing ammonia to nitrite then nitrate
20:25 - MicrobeLiftScot: the two are meant to be used together for a complete balanced bio filter system
20:25 - mihatah: hi everyone. Scot, as some like to frequent wash, like twice a week, will too often dosage have any harm?
20:26 - juvenn: In my case, I did water change every 3 day , adding the Bac will it help ? Will the chlorine destroy the Bac ?
20:26 - BarraCuda™: Does special blend break down/dissolve solid waste?
20:26 - Rein-Biotech Services: hi spencer, what water parameters are you referring to?
20:26 - MicrobeLiftScot:
In order to ensure that water parameters remain the same before and
after water changes the best thing is probably to do more frequent
smaller changes. However, using water conditioners and pH
adjusters/buffers and bacteria, will help you

20:26 - MicrobeLift: With MicrobeLift, you can extend the period of water change as the water is better quality
20:27 - MicrobeLiftScot: stay as close as possible before and after the change
20:27 - spencertan: Hi rein, water parameters such as ph level, nitrate level, etc.
20:27 - MicrobeLiftScot: Special Blend breaks down organic solids. iT CONSUMES FATS, GREASE, GLYCEROL AND PROTEIN
20:28 - MicrobeLiftScot: sorry about the caps
20:28 - MicrobeLift: Microlift can without low level of chlorin
20:28 - ric1797: Sorry to ask. If we use both for our new tank, will it shorten the cycle process and mature new media ?
20:28 - MicrobeLiftScot: It is best to remove the chlorine first
20:28 - MicrobeLiftScot: Yes!
20:29 - MicrobeLiftScot: Using Special Blend and Nite-Out II when you first add fish will dramatically shorten the cycling time
20:29 - BarraCuda™: Can we expect a significiant drop in nitrate if we dose special blend?
20:29 - D24:
kspkcm: Also understand that you have a bacterial balancer for
arowanas. What is the difference? Why are there is so many different
types of beneficial bacteria?

20:30 - MicrobeLiftScot:
We have data from an independent lab that showed freshwater tanks set
up new and loaded with fish cycled all the way through to nitrate in as
little as 4 hours

20:30 - MicrobeLiftScot: That was faster than we were promoting
20:30 - ric1797: Thanks.
20:30 - MicrobeLiftScot: saltwater takes longer to cycle, about 14 hours
20:31 - Alvin Koh: That's still incredible compared to a month long cycle.
20:31 - MicrobeLift: Yes
20:31 - MicrobeLiftScot: You can expect a significant drop in nitrate level after adding SB as long as you have an anoxic or anaerobic zone in the tank
20:32 - MicrobeLift: MicrobeLift BB has that special capability\
20:32 - MicrobeLiftScot: that can be a deep gravel or sand bed, or lots of bio media in a very low flow area of the tank or filter
20:33 - BarraCuda™: What would be the best method for inoculating new media?
20:33 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Bacterial Balancer is a different product all together. This is a spore
based bacteria, not live in the bottle. It's job is provide additional
support to the water quality

20:33 - MicrobeLift: gel inoculant
20:33 - MicrobeLiftScot: we think of it as a supplement to Special Blend
20:34 - MicrobeLiftScot:
The Bacterial Balancer is better at tying up phosphate, so in addition
to the nitrate removal ability of SB they make a powerful natural algae
control team

20:35 - BarraCuda™:
From davieboy, I am using XTreme. Many water conditioners claim to
remove ammonia, detoxifies nitrites. How does the product actually

20:36 - MicrobeLiftScot:
To inoculate new media just add the bacteria and let it colonize. we do
make a product called Gel Filter Cartridge Inoculant that sticks right
to the media and conditions it a little faster

20:37 - MicrobeLiftScot:
The Xtreme contains a pattented molecule called Chloram-X. This
molecule binds to ammonia instantly and permanantly converting it to a
new organic compound that is non toxic that can be broken down by the
bacteria in the tank

20:38 - MicrobeLiftScot:
nitrite removal is done by a similar process. Ammonia removal rates are
much greater than nitrite or nitrate removal at this time

20:38 - BarraCuda™: From davieboy, XTreme claims that it boosts alkalinity. Will this adjust the pH. If yes, by how much. If no, why?
20:39 - MicrobeLiftScot: That was probably a poor choice of words by marketing. It should say "Helps stabilize pH"
20:40 - MicrobeLiftScot: The amount of alkalinty boosting is so minor you probably wouldnt notice it when testing your aquarium
20:40 - BarraCuda™:
From davieboy, After adding XTreme, a lot of bubbles formed on the
surface of my tank. However, they break up easily. May I know what is
the cause of this? Can you please explain why this happens?

20:40 - MicrobeLiftScot:
the KH is also very important to the function of nitrifying bacteria,
so adding a little carbonate booster helps keep them working properly

20:42 - MicrobeLiftScot: The bubbles in this case are due to one of the ingredients. It is harmless and as you noted, disapates easily.
20:42 - BarraCuda™: From davieboy, What does it mean by “adds a multi-part skin-slime replacer”?
20:43 - MicrobeLiftScot: Ther are many methods of helping to replace the slime coat
20:44 - MicrobeLiftScot:
we use a combination of methods (multi-Part) to safely stimulate the
natural production of slime coat essential to a fishes health

20:44 - haya23busa:
hi, scot : The pH in our local water source is always about 8 to 9. How
can I reduce and stabilise it at 6.5. Do you have any product that can
do this?

20:44 - MicrobeLiftScot: We do have products to lower and stabilize pH
20:45 - MicrobeLift: ReinBiotech has stock for both products
20:45 - MicrobeLiftScot:
The first thing to determine is what the pH settles at after it has
been sitting for a few hours. Most water that comes out of the tap at
high pH has a tendancy to drop some on its own

20:46 - BarraCuda™: What is the end product after using Gravel &amp; Substrate Cleaner, nitrate? can it eliminate sludge physically?
20:46 - MicrobeLiftScot: I would then recommend using the Aqua Acid Buffer to convert excess carbonate to carbon dioxide driopping the pH
20:47 - MicrobeLift: Most of the organic matters in the sludge will be degraded into CO2, H2O and N2
20:47 - MicrobeLiftScot:
If additional adjustment is needed we also make a pH Decreaser, but I
prefer the Aqua Acid Buffer. This is agreat product for use with live
plants as well
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20:48 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Once the pH is where you want it to be you can use one of our buffer
stabilizers. The new one that just came out for Discus watet is designed
for use in low pH.

20:48 - MicrobeLiftScot: We do have one already that is a pH 6.5 Buffer
20:48 - haya23busa: ok ty
20:49 - BarraCuda™:
From davieboy, Compared to other products in the market, why is it that
I have to add so much more XTreme. This makes XTreme extremely costly
to use.

20:49 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Gravel and Substrate Cleaner should be used with Special Blend for best
results and the end result will be Nitrate, However first you get
carbonate, carbon dioxide, water, and some ammonia

20:49 - MicrobeLiftScot: It is that ammonia which will eventually end up as nitrate
20:50 - MicrobeLiftScot: This complete breakdown of the sludge removes it from the system
20:51 - fish2102:
Hi, i turn on my lights 24 hrs a day n therefore my water is green. Do u
have any product that can prevent this n yet not harmful to my aros?

20:51 - BarraCuda™: Can Gravel and Substrate Cleaner be dosed directly on to biomedia?
20:52 - MicrobeLift: Yes, it is mean to be used that way
20:52 - MicrobeLiftScot:
As a basic dechlorinator you can probably find some cheaper products as
compared to X-Treme. However, if you do a side by side comparison you
should see higher rates of removal for ammonia, beter control of heavy
metals and the additional additives for fi

20:53 - MicrobeLiftScot:
If all you want to do is remove chlorone and chloaramines cheaper I
have a different products for you. X-Treme is the best of the Best in
water conditioning

20:53 - MicrobeLift: Dear fish2102, we have algaway 5.4 that is not harmful to fish
20:54 - BarraCuda™: Can bacteria products actually harm fish eggs or cause infections?
20:54 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Gravel and Substrate Cleaner can be added directly to the bio-media,
but I honestly dont know if you will see faster or better results than
if you just add it to the tank

20:55 - jooster78: can you explain how algaway works and how long does a treatment last before we have to redose? thanks
20:55 - MicrobeLiftScot:
The bacteria in our products are all non-patogenic so no infections can
arise from its use. In Aquaculture a version of Special Blend is used
and we have seen higher egg yields with better survivability of the fry

20:56 - MicrobeLiftScot: With the added use of TheraP, a close cousin to Special Blend the fish tend to grow faster and have better color
20:56 - MicrobeLiftScot: TheraP has also been shown to encourage breeding
20:57 - MicrobeLiftScot: Use of Special Blend will actually outcompete many harmful bacteria making the environment healthier for the fish
20:57 - MicrobeLift: Marine Life Aquaculture is using our AquaC for fish hatchery. Use of our products increase the yield by 50%
20:58 - BarraCuda™: What would be the main key difference between special blend and TheraP?
20:58 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Algaway actually damages the thin cell wall of alage cousing it to
colapse and break apart. It cannot penetrate the thicker cell walls of
othe plants or animals

20:59 - matthew: when using xtreme, we shud base on total vol of tank or vol of water change? suppose we do a direct wc
20:59 - MicrobeLiftScot: Think of it like sticking a baloon with a pin and a basketball with the same pin, one pops (the algae) one doesnt(the plant)
21:00 - MicrobeLiftScot: It can be harmful to crustaceans in fresh water so dont use algaway with shrimp
21:00 - MicrobeLiftScot: the label also says not to use it with snails. this is incorrect but the government wont let us take it off.
21:00 - Alvin Koh: Matthew: your question is similiar to a previous one that was answered -&gt; The answer is yes.
21:01 - Alvin Koh: It's based on total volume of water in the tank, instead of new water volume (water changed)
21:01 - MicrobeLiftScot:
TheraP came from Special Blend so there is some crossover. With regular
use of Special Blend certain which was designed foe cleaning water
certain health benefits were noticed in the fish

21:01 - Rein-Biotech Services: that means it inhibits growth of algae. Have to remove the dead algae or else it will become nutrients for algae growth again.
21:03 - MicrobeLiftScot:
the strains that have the health benefit for the fish were grown into
TheraP. with SB you get a little of the health benefits you see in
Therap, and with TheraP you get a little of the cleaning effect of SB

21:03 - Rein-Biotech Services:
as to why your tank keeps having algae, it is good to check the balance
of your bioload. The filter may not be removing the nutrients fast
enough allowing algae growth.

21:03 - MicrobeLiftScot: when used together, you can cut the dosage of each back a little
21:04 - Alvin Koh: Hi all, time really flies and so do the questions. May I interrupt for a 10 minute break.
21:04 - BarraCuda™: Toilet break!
21:04 - BarraCuda™: =)
21:04 - Alvin Koh: Time now is 21:04 (Singapore time)
21:04 - MicrobeLiftScot: Make sure to monitor phosphate levels as well as nitrate. all it takes is nutrient and light to become an alage farmer
21:04 - D24: Thx Alvin...
21:05 - Alvin Koh: We will resume again 21:14 (Singapore time) after Scott finishes with his reply.
21:05 - Rein-Biotech Services: that wld be nice. I will be back abt 920
21:05 - MicrobeLift:
You need to have anoxic zone in the filet media for effective
denitrifying bacteria to work to remove the nitrate, hence eliminate

21:06 - BarraCuda™:
it seems like I will have to buy 2 products to get rid of the "dirt"
covering my biomedia .. special blend and Gravel &amp; Substrate Cleaner

21:07 - Alvin Koh: (10 minute break - Live chat resumes @ 21:15 SGT)
21:07 - matthew: any good deals at aquarama 2011 await us?
21:07 - jooster78: mine is a outdoor pond, will algeaway work?
21:08 - jwhtan: later they will ask .... who wants good deals ... kee chiu kee chiu ...... go break lar
21:08 - BarraCuda™: lelong?
21:09 - Alvin Koh: BarraCuda, how many pre-posted questions do you have left?
21:09 - khuancc: Hi, sorry I've just joined in. Does your algaeway removes po4?
21:09 - angelo: free gift?
21:09 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Jooster78 - we have Algaway 5.4 for ponds as well. It works great, but
you have to be real careful killing algae in an outdoor pond when it is
this hot. The algae will die quickly and can create an oxygen deficiancy

21:09 - BarraCuda™: Alvin, not many ..
21:10 - Alvin Koh: you guys are torturing Scott
21:10 - Alvin Koh: (10 minute break - Live chat resumes @ 21:15 SGT)
21:10 - MicrobeLiftScot: If killing algae outside in a pond in this heat you must have tremendous aeration and water circulation
21:10 - MicrobeLiftScot: I love this stuff
21:11 - Alvin Koh: To the rest of the lurkers in this chatroom, To show you are active, please indicate by saying 'Hi'. Thanks.
21:12 - xersion: Hi
21:12 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Algaway 5.4 does not remove or bind Phosphate. It kills algae. For
Phosphate control we have a liquid Phosphate Remover that will
permenantly bind out 1 - 1.5ppm of phosphate per dose

21:12 - kheldor: hi
21:12 - ilove2pigs: hello, sry, was busy reading the earlier posts as i joined late
21:12 - khuancc: So it's good for planted tank.
21:12 - Alvin Koh: thanks xersion, hi kheldor, ilove2pigs.
21:12 - atan: Hi! I love these stuffs too! Thanks for the valuable info.
21:14 - khuancc: I'm always having problem with hair algae in the initial start up like first 2mths, will y
21:14 - khuancc: Alga way kills hair algae.
21:15 - MicrobeLift: AlgAway works great on hair algae
21:15 - MicrobeLiftScot: Green water, hair algae, , blanket weed.....
21:15 - jooster78: that's what worries me too, i know algea in a way is good for a pond, just can't see the fishes unless feeding time...
21:16 - Alvin Koh: Okay all time is 21:15, time to resume the live chat
21:17 - ilove2pigs: can i ask a qns about the vitamins and amino acids?
21:17 - khuancc: Alright, thanks. Btw, what other products u have for planted tank? Substrate? Or ferts?
21:17 - MicrobeLift: Yes
21:17 - Alvin Koh: BTW, free 10 rep points for all participants of this live chat.
21:17 - MicrobeLiftScot:
The Algaway 5.4 wont kill all of the algae in one dose. So you can dose
it back to a level you are happy with. Useing PL will help cut down on
new algae growth in the pond by getting rid of the nutrients that feed

21:18 - widjajas: Hi, what microbelift product is best to use as regular maintenance? stuff that i can add together with my weekly waterchange.
21:18 - matthew: thks alvin
21:18 - MicrobeLiftScot: We have an entire new line for live planted aquariums.
21:18 - jooster78: sorry, and PL is?
21:18 - WiNd.feNg: if you guys are based in Singapore please employ me.. im trained in biotechnology... wahahaha
21:19 - ilove2pigs:
if i'm presently using SB and now with this chat, am contemplating
using teraP as well. is there really really a need for vitamins and
amino acids?

21:19 - MicrobeLift: PL is similar to Special Blend for pond application
21:19 - ilove2pigs: isn't treated water sufficient?
21:19 - khuancc: Will that be available during the expo?
21:19 - MicrobeLiftScot: in addition to planting substrate we have Phosphorous, Nitrogen, Iron, and potassium
21:19 - MicrobeLiftScot: We also have 3 unique products I am very excited about
21:20 - khuancc: Just saw the biologically alive substrate, will that be on sale? Will be doing a rescape soon
21:20 - MicrobeLift: some of the common products can be brought at the expo.
21:20 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Bloom and Grow ALl- In One. Thos is not exactly new but contains all of
the macro and micro nutrients except phosphate and nitrate

21:20 - jooster78: so you are saying using 1/2 dosage of algeaway and then use PL and monitor the result. am i right?
21:21 - MicrobeLiftScot: root dip - a presoak for roota that helps prevent transplant shock and preperes the roots for a strong start
21:21 - khuancc: Those biological alvi
21:21 - Zozo: What other 3 Products u have?
21:21 - khuancc: Alive substrate avail in expo?
21:21 - MicrobeLift: I do not recommend AlgAway and PL to be used together
21:21 - MicrobeLift: Use AlgAway first, and PL 3 days later
21:22 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Liquid Bio - Carbon - this a not only a liquid carbon source that can
replace CO2 injectors, it contains photsynthetic bacteria that populate
the roots making the plants use nutrients more efficiently

21:22 - jooster78: cool, got it, thanks for the advise.
21:23 - khuancc: Alright scot, Roy here. Will surely visit u at your booth. Hope to see your full range of planted tank stuff
21:24 - MicrobeLiftScot:
ilove2pigs- I would continue to use Vitamins and Amino Acids. The
TheraP will help the fish use nutrient from food better, but it will not
replace a good vitamin supplement

21:25 - BarraCuda™: Clarifier Plus an coagulant, will it bind fine sand?
21:25 - ilove2pigs: thanks for the reply Scot
21:25 - khuancc:
Btw, assuming a heavily planted tank with high lights and high co2,
roughly how long will your substrate system last? I mean the soil
nutrients . Thanks.

21:25 - MicrobeLiftScot: The substarte contains no nutrient. It is highly porous and designed to be used with our additives.
21:26 - aro-spino: hi all
21:26 - MicrobeLift: Clarifier Plus is a fluculant, yes, it will bind fine suspended sand particles
21:26 - khuancc: So it's mainly dependent on the water col fert?
21:27 - ilove2pigs:
am curious how you guys know the amount of vitamins and amino acids
are ideal for all freshwater fishes. since the range of freshwater
fishes is so large...

21:27 - MicrobeLiftScot:
When using the additives the substrate will trap it and hold it near
the roots where it is easily used by the plants. It is also sprayed with
Beneficial Bacteria to help get the system started

21:28 - MicrobeLiftScot: Yes. The substrate is just an excellent growth media but needs the fertilizers and supplements added to the water
21:29 - khuancc: U mean it's very high cfc? Or something like that?
21:29 - MicrobeLiftScot:
ilove2pigs- this is a good question. We have several versions of
Vitamins and Amino Acids that are designed for a general population of
fish found in a given type of water

21:29 - khuancc: It's inert?
21:29 - MicrobeLiftScot: Some fish will use more, some less from the VAA
21:30 - MicrobeLiftScot: It is the best method of Vitamin and Amino Acid Supplementation aside from weighing and injecting each fish
21:31 - ilove2pigs:
wow that's good to hear, i only see 1 version on your website so i
thought it'd be generic. i will be looking out for it. thanks for the
answer Scot

21:31 - MicrobeLiftScot:
The liquid bio carbon contains basic organic carbon sources that are
readily used by plants. These carbon sources include Humates, Peat among

21:32 - Zozo: How much is absorbed by the fish? How do one measure the effectiveness of the supp for fishes?
21:32 - MicrobeLiftScot: VAA is available for discus, cichlids, goldfish, tropical community fish, saltwater fish and corals and other reef inhabitants
21:33 - khuancc: Besides the root tabs, the ferts are mainly water column based? How's the dosing regime like?
21:34 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Rates of use by each fish will vary, You should be able to measure
theeffectiveness by the health and vigor of the fish. The goal is to
provide the fish with enough Vitamins and Amino Acids to make up for
shortcomings in food

21:34 - aro-spino: Does the substrate alter pH?
21:34 - MicrobeLift: No
21:35 - MicrobeLiftScot:
We have a standard dose for the plant additives based on plant stocking
levels and water volume. these are general guidlines and advanced users
can tweak the dosages to suit their needs

21:35 - MicrobeLiftScot: The substarte is pH neutral
21:35 - Zozo: How long should one feed the supp to see an improvement of their vigor?
21:37 - ilove2pigs:
i'm very keen in additives for fishes so i have one more qns. is it
more efficient to use krill enchance (just saw on your website) or VAA
since one is ingested directly while the other is "absorbed"?

21:37 - MicrobeLiftScot: You should notice a difference in the fish within a week or two of using the VAA.
21:37 - khuancc: For the nitrogen, possible to reveal what's the ConcentratIon of no3 per litre?
21:37 - locksley77: Can this be direct feed to aro instead of doses into the tank water?
21:38 - Alvin Koh:
21:38 - MicrobeLiftScot:
I could reveal the concentration, but.....I dont remember what it is. I
would have to post it to the forum after I can go back and check

21:39 - NEWBIEARO: Just to check eartheaters are proned to hole in the head, what's the likely reason and any prevention?
21:39 - aro-spino: Just scroll thru Microbe-Lift's webpage, care to briefly explain how oxygen retention is achieve? Thks.
21:39 - MicrobeLiftScot: Direct feed the vitamins? it is not intended for that use,
21:40 - Rein-Biotech Services: hi I'm back
21:40 - BarraCuda™: Will Clarifier Plus irritate fish gills?
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21:42 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Using Krill enhance will boost colors (reds, pinks) as well as add some
other beneficial elements found in krill. the Krill enhance is designed
to be sprayed onto the food you are already use.

21:42 - D24: Welcome back Wilson... remember to send me the info i need fm u...
21:42 - khuancc: Thanks.
21:42 - Rein-Biotech Services: working very hard now
21:43 - ilove2pigs:
i hear you Scot. was curious to know which would be more effective
since its stated that krill enchance also has vitamins and amino acids.

21:43 - Alvin Koh: khuancc, based on the link, the concentration is 15mg/ml of Nitrogen
21:44 - Alvin Koh: Example: to raise 20 gal. (75 L) by 0.20 mg/L nitrogen you use: 0.25 x 20.0 x 0.20 = 1.0 mL.
21:44 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Hole in the head has many theories as to cause, diet, parasite, carbon
use.... We have seen that with proper diet including supplements and the
addition of Special Blend it is possible to reduce or eliminate the
occurance of hole in the head

21:45 - MicrobeLiftScot: aro-spino, can you be more specific about your oxygen retention question? What on the site was it in reference to?
21:45 - Alvin Koh: 0.2mg x 75 litres = 15mg / 1 ml of solution.
21:45 - sengwoon:
Does temperature plays a part? if my fish is sick and temperature is
raised 30-32 degree will it improve or degrade the effectiveness?

21:46 - MicrobeLiftScot: The Clarifier does not irritate gills
21:46 - jowy:
hi. would like to know something about BB as i heard from a LFS person
saying that BB will grow fast in dark. is that really true?

21:46 - NEWBIEARO: Special blend helps to??sorry
21:47 - aro-spino:
Hi Scot, pls refer to this link...
(*Retains oxygen)

21:47 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Special Blend is all beneficial starins of bacteria and they can
outcompete pathogens that may be contributing to disease like hole in
the head

21:48 - Alvin Koh:
21:48 - matthew: tat means i can add krill enhance to my aro feeds and it will help to promote the redness?
21:48 - aquaticmaestro: Most of us here use Coral Chips or Oyster Shells to buffer our pH levels. How different are they from your buffer solutions?
21:49 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Raising temperature can often spped up the life cycle of parasites and
some other pathogens. In some cases raising the temperature along with
treatment can help shorten the t]life of the disease causing agent\

21:49 - aro-spino: Thanks for the proper link, Alvin
21:49 - khuancc: thanks alvin, was reading it, i think the potassium is good!
21:50 - MicrobeLiftScot: In my experience the BB will grow just fine in the light. If you use our bacteria you will see great effect with the lights on
21:50 - MicrobeLiftScot: Yes the krill enhance should bring out more red color. it is a ntural source of beta carotine
21:51 - MicrobeLiftScot: it is what makes white flamingos into pink flamingos
21:51 - jowy: oh i see. what is your product name?
21:51 - xaine:
I'm not sure if marine/reef salts will be brought in. However as
mentioned, that Sea/Marine Salt isn't suitable for reef tanks due to the
lacking of trace elements. I do see from the contents that basic trace
elements like Strontium, Iodine, Magnesium are

21:52 - MicrobeLift: MicrobeLift
21:52 - xaine:
pretty much similar in content except for increased Calcium. Care to
share a bit more on the lacking trace elements of this product ?

21:52 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Oysetr chips and coral shells are actually a fine mwthod of increasing
water hardness and helping to stabilize pH. T\Our buffer/stabilizers are
probably alittle easier to use as you just mix it in some tank water
and go,

21:53 - MicrobeLiftScot: The Reef salt has higher levels of Calcium and Magnesium required by corals
21:54 - itchy: Do we have to add in your ph stabilizer every week?
21:54 - xaine: Thank Scot, so basically those 2 are just the key differences ?
21:54 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Our largest consumer of our reef products is the German market and we
made the salt to meet the requirements requested by the high end
hobbyists in that market

21:55 - ilove2pigs: where can i purchase microbelift's full range of products?
21:55 - MicrobeLiftScot: It is a very high end salt, All pahrmaceutical grade ingredients to eliminate impuritie, nice disolvability
21:55 - MicrobeLiftScot: Pretty much those 2
21:56 - jowy:
maintaining a good water parameter for shrimps is quite a big problem
to me currently, may i check whether if i use your products.. will it be
harmful to the shrimps?

21:57 - MicrobeLiftScot:
pH stabilizer does not needed to be added every week. if you test your
pH weekly and notice it has drifted out by more than .2 you can add more

21:58 - khuancc: is the Microbial Root Dip water based? i mean its in a form of solids or liquid? thanks/
21:58 - MicrobeLiftScot: The full range is not yet available here in Singapore, we are working with Rein Biotech to increase product availabilty
21:59 - MicrobeLift: You can contact ReinBiotech to purchase full range of products, but not all products have stock in Singapore
21:59 - Alvin Koh: Rein-Biotech, maybe you can advise on the availability in the local Singapore market?
22:00 - MicrobeLiftScot:
The only product I would not use with shrimp is the Algaway 5.4. I cant
think of anything else in our catalog that would be harmful for shrimp,
but just in case check the label for warnings

22:00 - haya23busa:
Have always heard or read that the recommended flow rate for freshwater
fishes is 4x per hour, However, aros live in waters that are slow
moving, while there are other fishes which like strong current.
Therefore, how can this “one size fits all” flow rate

22:01 - haya23busa: fits all fishes?
22:01 - Alvin Koh: To all, time now is 22:00. Can we have another final break of 15 minutes and resume at 22:15pm.
22:01 - BarraCuda™:
22:01 - MicrobeLiftScot: all of our label directions and cautions are available for viewing on our website
22:01 - Alvin Koh:
22:01 - matthew: is the krill enhance available in sg? or at aquarama?
22:02 - MicrobeLiftScot: Root Dip is liquid
22:02 - Alvin Koh: (15 min break. Live chat resumes @ 22:15)
22:02 - khuancc: ok, thanks scot.
22:03 - MicrobeLift: Rein Biotech can bring in any of our products if there is demand in the market.
22:03 - jowy: will check on your products
22:04 - Rein-Biotech Services: d24, email sent
22:05 - Alvin Koh: (15 min break. Live chat resumes @ 22:15)
22:09 - Alvin Koh: Reminder: Free 10 rep points for all who acknowledge you are in this chat. Even a simple 'Hi' will do
22:10 - ilove2pigs:
thanks for the chat guys from Microbelift, Rein-biotech and the
moderators who organised this live chat. it's been great clearing my
doubts with the experts.

22:10 - Alvin Koh: (15 min break. Live chat resumes @ 22:15)
22:10 - khuancc: hi alvin.. haha
22:10 - laodie: hi
22:10 - sengwoon: hi
22:11 - laodie: wah just in time
22:11 - Alvin Koh: Haha, you guys already participated. I will credit the points to everyone after the live chat ends.
22:11 - jowy: Hi =P
22:11 - Alvin Koh: hi laodie, sengwoon
22:11 - Jucino: hi
22:11 - edmen: hi everyone
22:11 - MicrobeLiftScot:
The 4 X per hour does not suit all fish. It may be ideal for aeration
and filter flow, but It is better to try and match the water movement to
what is more natural for the swimming and feeding behavior of your
fish. That is why better filter systems have

22:11 - laodie: hi alvin
22:11 - grimwell: hi
22:11 - khuancc: now i got sooo many things i wanna to buy!!
22:11 - MicrobeLiftScot: flow control valves'
22:12 - aia414: hello
22:12 - khuancc: for planted tank, need hi or slow water flow?
22:12 - Alvin Koh: (15 min break. Live chat resumes @ 22:15)
22:13 - cyril sam: hello
22:13 - jowy: i often facing hydra pest problem. is there anything that can stop it from growing in my tank with your products too?
22:13 - trdsim: hi
22:13 - MicrobeLiftScot: Did I miss any questions? Was anything asked already that didn't get answered?
22:14 - jest1081: hi guys from your line of medication, what product should i use to tackle cammallanus?
22:14 - khuancc:
this might sound stupid, scot, u think its ok for me to put those
barley straws on the bottom of my tank and top its off with the
biological alive substrate?

22:15 - Alvin Koh: (15 min break. Live chat resumes @ 22:15)
22:15 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Off hand, I am not sure if I have anything that would be very effective
aganst Hydra. I need to look through my treatments and see what might
work without being harmful to the tank

22:16 - Alvin Koh: Ok, let's resume
22:16 - aquaticmaestro: Do you think BB prefer fast flowing water through medias or would they thrive in slow flowing currents?
22:16 - MicrobeLift: Taiwanese are using Barley Straw Pellet in crstal shrimp tanks. There told me it helps to enhance the shrimp colour
22:17 - MicrobeLiftScot: Camallanus I would recommend metronidazole or Praziquantel. I am not sure if they can be sold here though. Anyone?
22:17 - haya23busa: For tank with high bioload, how often is it necessary to do water change and how many percent should be changed each time?
22:17 - MicrobeLiftScot: It would be fine to use barley straw pellets or even the extract
22:18 - jowy: ok.. would like to hear your good news on tackle hydra problem with your product =)
22:18 - MicrobeLiftScot: BB prefer oxygenated water, but that doesnt necessarily mean fast flowing.
22:18 - Alvin Koh: Scott, both metronidazole or praziquantel should be available in LFSes here
22:18 - xaine:
Planaria is often an unwanted pest, not many products have been
successful in getting rid of it. Do you have something along this line
that can weed it out ?

22:19 - sengwoon:
For most anti-chlorine, understand that the dosage is general. Is
Super Dechlorinator+ superior than other product - as in to neutralize
the water faster?

22:19 - sengwoon: And would Microbe consider sampling Singapore water against Super Dechlorinator+ for better recommendation of dosage?
22:20 - Disffusion:
My apologies if my qns is noob but I am using pond water and I think it
kind of fluctuate in terms of minerals (but stable in ph), is there any
pdt that can help to stablise the water?

22:21 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Actually, I would try the Arowana Herbal Disease Treatment on planaria.
It prevents parasites from feeding and they starve, so 10 day or longer
treatment may be needed.

22:22 - jest1081: guys what are your thoughts of green water? Is it really effective for goldfishes as touted?
22:23 - Grand Pope: hi
22:23 - thxpro98: hi, may i know if shrimps get affected by intense lighting?
22:23 - AiZaiApple:
hi guys , i was wondering . will lighting outside the OHF affect BB
growth on the media ? as i'm using overhead light set , afraid might
affect the growth ?

22:24 - jowy:
i just saw your product on "Cycling &amp; Water Conditioning Kit",
would it be good enough to fasten the cycle of a tank that will be on
keeping shrimps. normally we will cycle the tank for at least a month
for the ammonia, nitrate and nitrite to be at 0 read

22:24 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Super Dechlorinator + works instantly when eliminating Chlorine and
Chloramine as do our other water conditioners. It is dosed based on
water volume for a specific removal rate of chlorine/chloramines but our
lab may be able to recommend a dosage based on

22:25 - Rein-Biotech Services: hi alvin, a list of whats available is sent to D24. maybe it can be shown on the thread.
22:25 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Buffer Stabilizer will help as well as the addition of one of the
proper water chemistry products that add mineral back to the water that
have been depleteed

22:25 - Alvin Koh: ok, I will check with D24
22:25 - Alvin Koh: thanks!
22:25 - jowy: before we put shrimps in the tank. how would you advise on that?
22:25 - MicrobeLift: jowy, yes, use of MicrobeLift Special Blend and Nite Out II will cycle the tanks within 1 or 2 days
22:26 - MicrobeLiftScot: When you say green water effective for goldfish are you asking if algae (green water) has health benefits for goldfish?
22:26 - jowy:
i see, they will be safe for shrimps i suppose.. using the Cycling
&amp; Water Conditioning Kit will fasten the ammonia and etc on ADA soil

22:27 - MicrobeLiftScot: The lighting should not be a problem for the BB.
22:27 - thxpro98: i was wondering is there any conditional to add to improve shrimps colour?
22:27 - jest1081:
MicrobeLiftScot: When you say green water effective for goldfish are
you asking if algae (green water) has health benefits for goldfish? ----
Yes sir

22:28 - MicrobeLift: Taiwan is using Barley Straw Pellet to increase shrimp colour
22:28 - Disffusion:
ok thanks another qns I have is, hope u don't mind, as I keep discus,
it requires large daily water change, is there any pdt that can help in
terms of minimise water change? Thks in advance.

22:28 - thxpro98: is it avabile in sg? whr can i get them from ?
22:28 - MicrobeLift: Our products are also used for commercila shrimp and fish culture ponds
22:29 - xaine:
Thanks Scot, so the Herbal Parasitic would just be a generic wonder
"drug"? As planaria does not need a host like other parasites, what
active ingredients prevents all it from feeding ?

22:29 - MicrobeLift: so it is safe for you shrimp tanks
22:29 - MicrobeLiftScot:
The Immediate Cycling kit contains Special Blend and Nite-Out II which
are used in combination to rapidly cycle and establish a system. As long
as there is a food source for the bacteria i.e. animal waste, uneaten
food the bacteria will cycle and stabiliz

22:30 - jowy: in order to let the cycle to be fast.. i will need to add some live fish in for their waste?
22:30 - AiZaiApple: Thanks , Will BB formed naturally be "stronger" then BB commerically formed ?
22:31 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Using Special Blend regularly can help reduce the number of required
water changes. The bacteria breaks the organics, and proteins down.

22:31 - MicrobeLift: Rein Biotech is bring in some barley Straw Pellet in the current shipment.
22:31 - thxpro98: so most LFS will have them ?
22:32 - MicrobeLiftScot:
The herbal blend prevents parasites from feeding. The exact ingredient
that does this I cant reveal, but the same effect should be seen in the
planaria as in a worm feeding on a fish. Try it and see.

22:32 - mihatah:
for new and 2nd hand tanks, how long will it take to cycle them? i used
to leave the system running for 2 weeks b4 adding in fishes.

22:32 - MicrobeLift: I do not know, have to check with Rein Biotech
22:33 - jest1081: thera p, does it help slow down water deterioration thru fish wastes?
22:33 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Of course keeping excellent water quality and clean substrate also
would help with worms. Special Blend and Gravel and Substrate Cleaner
should have a positive effect
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22:33 - thxpro98:
okay sure, i'm interested in the instant cycling kit, wad does it do ?
can the new tank be use in two - three days provide i place fishes to
provide waste?

22:34 - Disffusion:
So with Special Blend I can minimise wc as it will breaks down the
uneaten food (beefheart with garlic), fish poo and culture bb at the
same time?

22:34 - jest1081: gravel and substaret cleaner, does it break down feaces? if it does can i use it on an no gravel environment?
22:34 - xaine: RE: herbal blend : does it then prevent lower order crustaceans (shrimps and snails) from feeding then ?
22:34 - MicrobeLiftScot:
There must be a source of food and fish added right before the bacteria
are the best source. The rapid cycling of the system will prevent any
harm to the fish

22:35 - Rein-Biotech Services: thxpro98, pls send your request for purchase to , will direct you to the shops selling it
22:35 - MicrobeLiftScot:
For new tank start up it is the same answer. adjust pH and temperature
add fish food and bacteria. the system will cycle completely in a matter
of hours

22:35 - thxpro98: okay thanks
22:36 - Rein-Biotech Services: for all who wants to know where to get the products or needs anything, dun hesitate to email us -
22:36 - MicrobeLiftScot: TheraP will help fish use food better, so there will be less waste.
22:37 - Cow36:
Hi Scot, does that means during the rapid cycling, the fishes are
protected from amonia and nitrite spike? Is that what u mean?

22:37 - MicrobeLift:
jest1081- yes, gravel and substrate cleaner break down feaces and can
be used in tanks without gravel. The water will turn black when you
first add the product, it will clear after few hours

22:37 - MicrobeLiftScot: Yes, with special blend you can minimize water changes. Its job is to break down uneaten food and organic waste
22:38 - jest1081: thus i can use thera p and the gravel cleaner together right?
22:38 - MicrobeLift: Yes
22:38 - jest1081: will this ensure reduced WC for me?
22:39 - jowy: i getting abit confused on the Cycling &amp; Water Conditioning Kit
22:39 - MicrobeLift: Yes
22:39 - Disffusion:
For the herbal blend, can I soak my tubifex worms (as it contains lots
of parasite) to "clean" the worms off parasite and then feed the worms
to my fishes?

22:39 - jest1081: thank you!
22:40 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Based on our testing the Herbal treatment will not prevent shrimps and
snails from feeding. We actually have a reef safe version that does not
harm any of the delicate inverts that live in those systems

22:40 - jest1081: for purchasing, i will have to email you guys right?
22:41 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Havent tried soaking food in the herbal treatment first to clear
parasites, but it may work. you would have to test that one yourself and
let us know.

22:41 - AiZaiApple: Will special blend need to be dose constantly ? How long is the period between each dose ?
22:41 - MicrobeLift: You can email to
22:41 - Rein-Biotech Services: jest1081, for purchasing if u referring to getting from LFS, email us and we will direct u to the shops
22:42 - MicrobeLiftScot:
cow36 - the fish will be protected because the ammonia and nitrite
levels wont get as high or last nearly as long as they would without the
addition of the bacteria

22:42 - MicrobeLiftScot: jest1081 - one of the benefits of Special Blend is fewer water changes
22:42 - jest1081: thank you! anyway may i know the difference between the special blend, and gravel&amp;substarate cleaner?
22:42 - Cow36: Ok thanks Scott. Doubts cleared
22:43 - thxpro98: i have send an e-mail, awaiting the reply thanks.
22:43 - MicrobeLiftScot:
When you first start using special blend you add a higher initial dose,
then add a loer dose once a week for the next 4 weeks. After that you
dose a small amount every 2 weeks

22:44 - jest1081: these doses are added after weekly WCs or on weekly basis wo WC?
22:44 - thxpro98: scot, is there any conditional that u will recommend to stablizied Ph? and increase BB growth for new tanks?
22:45 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Special Blend is a bacterial consortium designed to break down organics
and proteins including hard to degrade substances. If you start using
SB in a new system you should rarely need to add Gravel and Substrate
Cleaner (GSC)

22:45 - Disffusion: ok thanks!
22:45 - MicrobeLiftScot: GSC is soil extracts and additional microbes that help solubalize waste
22:46 - MicrobeLiftScot: You add this to the mix when you have a tank that has not been well maintained and has a lot of sludge build up
22:47 - jest1081: understood! thanks guys! so a mix od special blend and thera p should work to maintain good water conditions right?
22:47 - MicrobeLiftScot:
It will make it easier and faster for the SB to break down the waste
that has built up. it is also very good to add it to tanks where there
are areas that tend to trap waste where it gets packed in.

22:47 - Alvin Koh:
Hi all, time is 22:45 already. We will stop accepting questions now so
that Scott / Goh and Wilson can finish answering any outstanding

22:47 - MicrobeLift: Jest1081 yes you are right
22:47 - MicrobeLiftScot: They can be dosed after water changes or anytime that is convenient if you do no fewer water changes
22:48 - jowy: my tank just start up from yesterday. can i use SB and Cycling &amp; Water Conditioning Kit to my tank if i purchase?
22:49 - BarraCuda™: it would be good to know which product can be purchased from which lfs .. D24 got info?
22:49 - jowy: i mean the water just start cycle yesterday*
22:49 - Alvin Koh: BarraCuda, yes, I have the list with me. It's quite long and I will post in the forum thread for easy reference
22:49 - MicrobeLiftScot:
thxpro98 - if I understand your question correctly the answer is no. If
you have very low pH you may need to boost KH until nitrification is
fully underway, but I think that would be a rare occasion

22:49 - MicrobeLift: Jowy, it is best to use when you have the fish in the tank.
22:50 - Alvin Koh: ok, I believe Jowy's question is the last?
22:50 - BarraCuda™: Alvin, would it be good to post in the associate forum?
22:50 - Rein-Biotech Services:
D24 does not have this info. Its easier for me to point the direction.
However, many of us do know where to get most of our stuff right

22:50 - jowy: ok. maybe i will get some fishes in my new tank
22:50 - satan_gal: can i ask one question?
22:50 - jowy: will that be alright?
22:50 - Alvin Koh: Yes, please refer to Rein-Biotech for exact locations. I have the product list instead
22:51 - thxpro98: thanks for the replies
22:51 - D24: er.... over liao har?
22:51 - Rein-Biotech Services: Is it ok to name LFS here or in the thread?
22:51 - WiNd.feNg: Thank you MicroLift.. tho i spend90% of the time reading
22:51 - D24: can i post the quiz now?
22:51 - MicrobeLiftScot:
I want to stress that KH is very important to proper function of
nitrifying bacteria. That is a big problem in low pH softwater tanks
because higher KH drives up the pH. But if you find that you cannot
cycle your system or if nitrification just stops. Boo

22:51 - Alvin Koh: satan_gal, please post the question if it's a brief one.
22:51 - satan_gal: would you happen to have sample sets so newbies like myself can try a whole set for diff needs?
22:51 - satan_gal: tks AK
22:51 - MicrobeLiftScot: boosting the KH will usually correct this
22:52 - thxpro98: so i have to get Kh buffers?
22:52 - thxpro98: my current KH is at 2
22:52 - BarraCuda™: Rein-Biotech - Posting it in a thread would be better
22:52 - Rein-Biotech Services: agree with Scott, KH is very impt, carbon source.
22:52 - Rein-Biotech Services: roger that
22:52 - MicrobeLiftScot:
If you do water changes with tap water you may never need to boost the
KH, if you use R/O water you may need to. We have a KH Bio booster that
does this very easily.

22:54 - thxpro98: yes i do WC with tap water, sure i will try to look into this. i believe my filtration is not good enough
22:54 - Alvin Koh: Scott, to follow on your insight on KH, what is the lower limit of dKH that is recommended to support the nitrifying bacteria?
22:54 - D24: Wilson, u can post them here:
22:55 - MicrobeLiftScot:
If you get a hold of one of our catalogs. You can download it in PDF
from the website, you will see that we do a variety of 4 pack
assortments, but these are generally not a stock item for dealers

22:55 - MicrobeLiftScot: best bet is to mix and match and buy the products you need or want to try
22:55 - Rein-Biotech Services: D24, I dun hv the info with me now, will do it tomr
22:56 - satan_gal: tks. will check it out
22:56 - Alvin Koh: The catalogs can be downloaded from here -&gt;
22:56 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Remember that we have a staff at our offices in Florida who are there
to answer any questions you have. Questions can be submitted through the

22:56 - MicrobeLiftScot: on occasion you may find that some of those questions and up with me to answer.
22:56 - jowy: sure. thanks alot for your information and help. looking forward on your products when i purchase =)
22:57 - Alvin Koh: ok, I guess this ends the chat session tonight.
22:57 - Alvin Koh: Thank you Scott, Goh and Wilson : )
22:57 - MicrobeLiftScot: Thank you all for coming. I enjoyed answering your questions.
22:57 - MicrobeLift: thank you
22:57 - BarraCuda™:
22:57 - D24: Thx guys
22:57 - Alvin Koh: MicrobeLiftScot is Scott Berke
22:58 - BarraCuda™: Thanks guys!
22:58 - Alvin Koh: Please be reminded, that Microbe-Lift's booth at Aquarama is booth No. 710
22:58 - mihatah: thanks all guest speaker!!!
22:59 - jest1081: see u guys at aquarama, you'll have a booth right?
22:59 - Rein-Biotech Services: than you all bros!!
22:59 - MicrobeLiftScot: Will there be a transcript of this chat available?
22:59 - Alvin Koh: You are very welcome!
22:59 - D24: there's a quiz for all...
22:59 - MicrobeLift: Yes, booth 710
22:59 - D24: chk it out in Events Forum
22:59 - jest1081: aiya Alvin beat me to it. thanks ALvin
22:59 - D24:
22:59 - Alvin Koh: Steven, will the quiz be conducted in chat?
22:59 - war-z: Thanks y'all : )
23:00 - D24: no... the link
23:00 - Rein-Biotech Services: thanks MOD!!
23:00 - D24: in events forum
23:00 - Disffusion: thanks everyone!


Live chat ended at 23:00
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truly learn new things with this live chat, a big thanks to all who made this possible..
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thanks Alvin for the transcript.

really learnt alot from this. unfortunately, i was too noob and duno how to join the live chat. all the links led me to the thread to post pre-chat questions

big thank you to all who made this possible
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Many thanks to organizers of the very insightful live chat session, and the great sharing of knowledge.

And Dbl Tks to Alvin koh for the transcribe. I was having some trouble catching up on my phone, missed out a whole chunk
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Due to it is not conduct in the manner of ask only after previous question been answered, therefore I can't locate the answer given by the water management experts for below question.

"For tank with high bioload, how often is it necessary to do water change and how many percent should be changed each time?"
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Originally Posted by ESP View Post
Due to it is not conduct in the manner of ask only after previous question been answered, therefore I can't locate the answer given by the water management experts for below question.

"For tank with high bioload, how often is it necessary to do water change and how many percent should be changed each time?"
There is no one answer for this. Depending on the tank volume, type of filtration, whether or not you are adding bacteria, as well as how much and what you feed the fish, the frequency and volume of water changed can vary.
Personally, I let the Special Blend do it's job and test my water regularly. As long as the water quality is excellent (little/no ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH, KH and are where there should be) I may change water only every 6 - 8 weeks, topping off with R/O water in between.
I realize going this long between water changes makes some hobbyists nervous.
Some people like to do small water changes daily, and some like to go as long as possible between water changes. I suggest using Special Blend regularly and testing your water, and doing water changes on a schedule that that you are comfortable with.
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