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Originally Posted by Seamaster View Post
Update for Day 36

YouTube Video
ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

The first fry started it's first "flight". What a joyous day. What it means is that internally the frys have started their development of their air bladder chambers. They are learning how to float and sink by adjusting the air pressure inside.

Take yr time to savor the video, you will notice the "alpha" fry testing out different levels of "buoyancy" and is learning how to adjust the air pressure internally. From time to time, "alpha" will rest at the bottom of the tank to rest from his travels around the tank.

An interesting event happened while I was filming the frys today, our beloved F16 from the royal Singapore air force was conducting their "sonic boom" sorties above the farm area. Notice "alpha" darting towards the PVC pipe from time to time to hide. That's due to the booming sound from the jets. One day I should upload the raw's really very entertaining.

Video for Day 35 will be uploaded at a later date. It was completed yesterday, but due to sensitive issues, the videos cannot be posted for public viewing. Maybe when the project is over then I'll post the vids.

Meanwhile, enjoy today's vidz.
Kudos bro! Very educational indeed!
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