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Default Guidelines on posting at Freshwater Resources and Articles

This is a forum specially created for informative articles and serious discussion on Freshwater species related to this forum. It is a contribution forum. Please keep those newbie questions on the main forum species thread itself. U can ask by clicking on the specific thread here and ask at the main forum thread itself. Don't ask those " where to buy 3" ST " type of questions here. Post what u know here, not what u don't know.

In the event u are contributing an article, we'll very much appreciate it can be one on a first hand experience. If you are doing cut and paste from another website or is something someone else has written, please give credit where it is due. We do not want to be accused of plagiarism. This of cos will include all photographs and pics taken from other websites.

We all appreciate kind and encouraging remarks but in order we keep the threads lean and trim for easy reference, please keep all your encouraging posts at the main forum species thread. Don't post all the " good work" "well done" " keep it up" remarks here. I am quite positive all who have made the efforts to consolidate, compile the information to be posted here do it because they all wanted to share their experience, encourage the hobby/passion and to improve the freshwater forum where the same questions are often repeated by newbies. Basking in these superficial praise will be furthest from their minds.

I sincerely thank all who have contributed. You are really the ones I think made a difference to this forum and your passion for your chosen hobby/species will help a lot of newbies in their quest for knowledge. For those who do not know how to contribute or do not want to contribute, the least you can do to help us is not to post frivolous questions on this forum. This will at least help us in keeping the threads here clean, which effectively means less work for the moderators.

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