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Old 14-12-2016, 12:05 AM   #71
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been following this thread. I wouldn't say it is a good or bad decision, but follow where your heart feels is the direction to follow.

take care bro. it is difficult, sad, a vacuum in your life. all will be good and baby is in a better place now.
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My condolences Bro. 30mins is a long wait thought my rabbit I think is done less than 10mins and I brought him back to bury beside his rabbit wife which left earlier
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Having had dogs and other pets all my life, my simple rule of thumb on when to have them put down is when their bodily function fails, for example their ability to pass urine/stool, or unable to eat or move around, usually a combination of a few of them, its time to end their suffering especially when Vets say there is nothing they can do to "cure" the situation.

If this sounds a little dehumanizing, i remind myself that it is an animal and whose lifspan is well documented, so why prolong their suffering by getting all kinds of booster jabs, artificail iron lungs to keep it breathing etc?

Cherish the happy times and move on.
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tweety bird
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RIP baby
Condolences ...Hope your wife is coping well. Take care
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Old 14-12-2016, 09:02 PM   #75
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My condolences, at least no longer suffering.
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Wife is coping much better than i expect.
No wonder she did not want to follow me to the Vet that day.

Fully agreed with Boony.
Baby that time cannot eat or drink by itself leow.
And a very foul smell came out from her body.
Only the last day then i knew where it came from (when i ask the Vet).
The Vet said the tumour inside the body might has burst.
Must be very painful for her.
The decision to put her down was a very "Right" ones.
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