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Smile Uber vs GrabCar (passenger's point-of-view)

Hi all,

I don't own a car so I have been taking taxis extensively, especially when with my family. It was until recently that I started learning about Uber and GrabCar, and decided to go ahead and try them.

For those who are interested, here's my personal experience with both apps. Your experience could be different, so feel free to give your own feedback too.

A new service offered by GrabTaxi, with the main difference that the vehicle that picks you up will not be a taxi, but a 'private' car with a driver who most likely doesn't have a taxi vocational license.

90% of my rides were in Toyota vehicles, others being Honda. Similarly, 90% of the cars are rented instead of owned, one reason being the high cost involved in converting a personal vehicle's insurance to a commercial one (heard premium is 1.6k to 2k per year). Car condition wise, very clean and comfortable. No complaint at all.

90% of the drivers I've met are young (less than 30), one reason being that GrabCar's criteria is as long as you own the driving license and have passed the 1-year 'P' Plate, you are eligible to be a GrabCar driver. This can be a pro or con, as younger drivers are more lively and chatty, and less likely to bore you with politics and the like. They are usually less familiar with the routes though, and rely heavily on GPS. This wouldn't be much of a problem if you are not rushing for time however, as the fares are calculated and fixed upfront, before you have even called for a GrabCar.

With this fare structure, you have the freedom to decide if you wish to take Uber/Taxis (fares are run on a meter) or GrabCar. Fares for shorter routes are more or the less the same, while for longer routes, GrabCar could be more expensive than Uber/Taxis.

PROMOTION: Key in Promo Code 'GCGSS' before you send your booking, to get a $5 off your GrabCar ride. Limited to 3 times' usage per user, till 26th July 2015.

To download, search for 'GRABTAXI' in your App Store.

Uber has been around in Singapore longer than GrabCar, so it seems that they are more Uber drivers than GrabCar, though more drivers are using both apps to look for passengers (both companies' did not seem to restrict them from doing so).

As such, Uber drivers are generally older and more experienced with the roads, since they must be at least 25 years old and have 3 years of driving experience to join Uber. This would be an advantage when you need to get to a place as soon as possible and avoid jams or heavy traffic, especially when Uber fares are calculated based on distance and time traveled.

Besides the fare structure, another significant difference between Uber and GrabCar is that Uber requires a Credit Card for registration. On the positive side, this means that transactions are cashless and will be very handy when you are out of cash and need a quick ride home. It may also mean registered passengers could be lesser so driver-to-passenger ratio should be higher, meaning that it's easier for a passenger to successfully get a Uber car.

Like GrabCar, Uber does not have peak hour surcharges, so their fares would be cheaper than taxis during those times. How Uber compensates the lack of peak hours is by something called 'Surge', where the fares will be more expensive by a certain percentage (will be indicated on your app before you book) when your vicinity has a high demand for Uber bookings during that time.

PROMOTION: When signing up Uber, enter 'vincentc1267ue' as Promo Code and you will get $20 off your first ride.

To download, search for 'UBER' in your App Store.

Hope these information help! You never know when you may need to book a ride via Uber and GrabCar! (e.g. last night's SMRT trains breakdown)

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