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Old 08-11-2017, 02:13 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by marshy View Post
I actually contact them to enquire pricing and distribution in SG.

MOQ is 10pcs.
Size is 4 to 5cm.

Price is USD10K..... Each.

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10k???? Got so expensive now?
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Old 08-11-2017, 02:55 PM   #22

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My mistake.

It's actually USD 2.5K per piece @ 4-5cm.
MOQ 10pcs

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Old 09-11-2017, 02:00 AM   #23
tian ya ren
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Good news .
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Old 09-11-2017, 11:21 PM   #24
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Hope more farms will be successful if such breedings
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Old 13-11-2017, 10:32 PM   #25
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Looks like Singapore and Malaysia has a representative of ST from that farm now.

"Now we have a respresentative of Siam Tiger Legend in Singapore and Malaysia , interest of Siamese Tigerfish , please contact Mr Gan +65 xxxxxxxx" - From the Siam Tigerfish Legend fb page.
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Old 16-11-2017, 03:14 PM   #26
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They keep posting on Fb to defend for the steep price, this kind willing buyer, very willing seller
To me is just take their story in face value to account for the price,least I know is that they are not here to multiply the ST population....
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Old 09-01-2018, 03:56 PM   #27
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Having owned $30 dollar ST before, i won't pay that price ever.. haha.
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Old 09-01-2018, 11:13 PM   #28
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Haha. Yep i bought mine for 25 last time. Still 2 side fork hahaha. Sold for 800 when its about 10 to 12 inch. 800 to me is already madness.
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Old 14-01-2018, 08:57 PM   #29
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I remember my first ST that I bought. Paid $50 USD for them at about 5 I was offered $3000 for my last 18 one but sadly after many years it stopped eating and died. Had to be over 12 years old
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Old 14-01-2018, 09:17 PM   #30
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Still remember many yrs back af got one hobbyist bought many many st put pond,cannot recall he’s nick,dunno got breed or not...
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