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Old 04-03-2021, 11:53 AM   #1781
Endangered Dragon
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Palace was missing Zaha, we should be beating them, but with the defensive tactics, we cannot be winning and sometimes may lose by the odd goal at the end of the game.
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It is as good as we do not need to have anyone on the sub bench cos Ole do not seems to trust his bench players at all.
Rashford was rubbish yet he played the full game. Does his reputation frighten Ole so much that MR is irreplaceable? Why buy Ahmad when you do not even dare give him a chance. It was good that DVDB was not on the bench cos of injury cos Ole will ignore him.
Sometimes I feel that the players do not wish to expedite their injury progress cos they do not see themselves being called upon by an inept Ole.
This morning game was probably one of the worst performance we have seen and the trend will carry on if Ole does not have any other approaches.
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In his post match interview, Ole made a stunning statement....he knows he had the two promising youngster on the bench, but he does not know who to take off (whether it be MR or BF). Someone must tell Ole that he is paid millions to come up with the answer himself. He simply has no balls to make any changes cos those players on the pitch had produced goals before out of nothing and Ole is hoping they would deliver again!!!
Sadly Ole is playing to keep his job ( long as we are in the top 4, his position is safe) He does not want to take any risk to jeopardize his job.
Unfortunately I believe this will be his downfall.
Every media/pundits are voicing their frustration with Ole's style of managing the team and many feel that he would ultimately sack himself!!
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Looks like Dean Henderson would be our goalkeeper for this month as DDG had asked to be excused for a month as he is back in Spain for the birth of his first child.
My prediction for the Man City game is that we are going to be sitting so deep that SM and Fred would not be "allowed" to roam forward. LS and WB too would be doubling up in defence. So we are going to simply rely on counter attack and most likely Ole would pick DJ for his speed and still retain MR too.
With this setup we will once again see BF having a bad game and EC not effective as he will be deprived of any support.
But when Ole seems to be in deep trouble, the uncanny results happen and we certainly hope we can stop City this game.
For the others on the bench, it might as well be that they are all "still recovering" from injuries cos Ole is not going to change his game plan.

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Some say OGS should be sacked, others say he should be replaced in spite of the current United performances in the EPL, FA Cup, Europa League.

What is the opinion if OGS had lost 5 home league matches in a row: a couple to bottom teams, 1 to an arch city rival, and to top standing clubs in the EPL. Would he now be sacked, ridiculed, hammered by the pundits, fans, etc.

Why are some managers immuned to criticism or the sack when things go terribly wrong whilst others are always getting the wrong end of the stick.
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